3 Things To Look For In A T-Shirt Bra

Let’s talk t-shirt bras! Who doesn't love a classic t-shirt bra? They are comfortable, versatile, and something that requires very little thought, aka no-fuss. When our days are filled with making decisions, it’s nice to have one decision made easy for us. Enter, the t-shirt bra. You can wear this bra with pretty much anything and if you get it in a neutral color, you will get even more use out of it. When it comes to t-shirt bras, you will want to make sure that you look for these top 3 things...believe us, it’s worth getting right. 


We all know that if you are reaching for your go-to t-shirt bra in the morning, you are looking for something super specific. Comfort. If you wanted something other than comfort, you would reach for that horrible, ill-fitting, unsupportive strapless bra at the back of your drawer. We all have that one bra that gets shoved in the back and only comes out when absolutely necessary...aka a wedding. Anywho, back to the t-shirt bra - God’s gift to women. Of course, the most important thing to look for in a t-shirt bra is how comfortable it is because it’s probably something you will be wearing all day. Because of Trusst’s patented bra support technology, you will have no problem being comfortable and supported all day, every day. 


When it comes to any bra, you will want the style to work for you. Especially with something as classic as a t-shirt bra. Our Marjory t-shirt bra actually has some features that you won't get with every t-shirt bra out there. First, the technology (as mentioned above) is not something you can actually get anywhere else, that is something that only Trusst can offer. While it’s something that we use in all of our bras, it’s especially important for our t-shirt bra because it really does affect the comfort - aka make it even more comfortable. Something else that we offer is a wider sideband and 4-hooks because let’s face it, the bigger your boobs, the more hooks you want/need. No one wants to fiddle around with 2 hooks - it’s not enough! The neutral cream color means that you can also wear this bra with pretty much anything - including white, with no show-through. 


If you have big boobs, support is something that you simply can not do without. There are a lot of t-shirt bras out there that offer no/very little support, but again when you are carrying around 5 pounds of weight on your chest, you need more. Trusst is the solution to this problem. Our t-shirt bra includes our incredible bra support technology that is not offered anywhere else. You can only get the support that lifts over 80% of breast weight here at Trusst. That is a huge impact on your life. Imagine lasting all day without worrying about or even thinking about your bra. No more back pain, shoulder dents, chafing, red marks, or boob sweat. It's a bra revolution!

We hope this helps with your t-shirt bra shopping needs! If you need additional help getting into a Trusst bra or have more questions, please leave a comment below or reach out to our Bra Experts.

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August 01, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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