5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bra Sizing

Bra sizing can feel overwhelmingly complicated. With over 80% of women wearing the wrong size, it often seems as though proper bra sizing is available only to the lucky few who have mastered the art of correct measurement.

However, here at Trusst, we’re here to guide you towards your perfect fit and provide you with the support that you need. We want you to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin! We do this not only by creating high-tech plus-size bras for women around the world, but also by providing you with helpful hints and tricks that will empower you to take control of your comfort (check out our bra fitting guide). Today, we’re further demystifying bra sizing for you by explaining the things you’ve always wondered about -- from sister sizes to asymmetrical breasts -- so keep reading to find out 5 things you didn’t know about bra sizing:

1. Sister sizes mean you can wear different cup/band sizes to find your perfect fit.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bra Sizing

When shopping for bras, you may have discovered that you’re able to wear different cup sizes and still achieve the same fit. This may have left you wondering whether you understood cup sizes at all, or whether they’d forever remain a mystery. However, you’re not misinformed or reading your sizes wrong! Bra fitting all comes down to something called sister sizes: bra sizes that have the same cup volume but different band/cup sizes. This occurs because the volume of your bra cups actually changes as your band size increases or decreases.

Sister sizing can be confusing, but in simpler terms, as your band size increases, you may need to go down a cup size, or as your band size decreases, you may need to go up a cup size, in order to get your correct fit. Sister sizing is such a game-changing concept as it may be the answer to many of your fitting questions, and, oftentimes, if you find a bra in your size that just doesn’t fit quite the way you want it, switching to a sister size will enable you to get your exact fit. 

2. Asymmetrical breasts are very common.

If you have uneven breasts, you’re not alone: Over 50% of all women have asymmetrical breasts. This is generally totally normal and very common, with many women reporting that their left breast is slightly larger than the right. There are a number of reasons that your breasts may be slightly asymmetrical, including variances as a result of hormonal developments during puberty and the predominance of noncancerous lumps or other tissue in one breast.

So, how do you find your correct bra size when you have asymmetrical breasts? The solution may be simpler than you think! We recommend fitting your larger breast and adjusting from there however you may want. then using an insert to fill in the other cup.

Note: Although everyone’s breasts are different sizes, if you’ve noticed that your breasts are becoming increasingly uneven or asymmetrical, then this could be a sign of breast cancer. Seek a professional evaluation to ensure your breasts stay healthy!

3. The size of your breasts fluctuates frequently.

You may have noticed that your breast size increases at certain times of the month and decreases at others. This is because your bra size changes multiple times over your lifetime. This is due to many factors, including what stage you’re in your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, age, weight, and even tobacco usage, which can cause your breasts to sag and shrink.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bra Sizing

It’s perfectly normal to find your breast size fluctuating throughout the year. Experts recommend being professionally fitted every six months in order to find your perfect fit year-round. That may sound very frequent, but regular fittings are the best way to ensure you’re experiencing maximum comfort every day! Schedule a bra fitting at our Trusst showroom in Pittsburgh for an expert fitting tailored just for you.

4. Sizes vary by brand.

As if finding your size wasn’t complicated enough on its own, bra sizes can also vary from brand to brand -- and even from fabric to fabric! This is because bra sizing is a very precise science, so variations in manufacturing methods and materials can have a significant impact on size. Additionally, many brands don’t conform to a standard sizing metric, instead devising their own sizing charts based around who they believe their core customers will be. This means sizing will vary depending on where you shop.

The best way to figure out your bra size for each brand is to visit and try out what works in-person. If you’re shopping online, make sure to double-check the brand’s sizing chart to ensure you’re purchasing your correct fit. Some bras, like the Trusst Evie bra, may fit more differently than others. Make sure to read the bra’s product description to ensure you’re purchasing the right size.

5. Average bra size is on the rise.

The last thing you may not have known about bra sizing is that the average bra size is steadily increasing. In fact, the average size in the U.S. rose from a 34B in the 1960’s to a 34DD in just fifty years!

This is attributable to numerous reasons, not all of which are health-related. Although average breast size may be increasing due to obesity, many bra experts also credit the increase in average size to improved awareness of correct fit. About 70% of women wearing the wrong bra size are wearing a size that’s too small. But as we’ve written about before, Oprah’s bra revolution in 2005 changed the way many women across the world thought about bra sizing. Oprah’s influential reach resulted in millions of women purchasing bras in their proper larger size, which may also have impacted the increase in average bra size. Thankfully, organizations like Trusst are committed to creating innovative plus size bras to serve the changing needs of women across the U.S., meaning that you won’t ever have to compromise on support or comfort no matter your size.

Although we know bra sizing can be puzzling, we’re confident that finding your perfect fit is well within your reach. We know there are many reasons why your bra size may vary -- your body is uniquely amazing, and we at Trusst want to make sure that you have the support you deserve no matter what season you’re in.

Step into our Trusst headquarters or browse our online collection to find a size that works for you, and reach out to us if you have any questions about fit. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Britnie said:

I want to order a bra. I normally wear a victoria secrets brand and I wear a 38DDD. I took your size guide and it is a completely different size. It says I should order a 34 DD or size 401. I want to make sure I am ordering the right size. Does that sound right?

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