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So Whats the deal with Sizing?

Posted on October 07 2015

Bra sizing. Literally the WORST.

It doesn’t have to be that hard though! And hopefully this guide can help you solve your sizing issues.

There are numerous sizing charts that will tell you conversions between US, EU, UK and AU sizing, but the interesting thing about them is they all say something different. The general thought process is that you measure both the fullest part of your bust, and the distance around your ribcage where the bra band would fit. The difference between the two measurements is your bra size. Every inch equals an additional cup size. So, for example:


Bust Measurement (40) - Band Measurement (32) = 32H


Well, what system are you using?

We’re using the US system of measurement. If you're still confused, we have this handy dandy conversion chart  that we've pasted below that might be helpful. Just find the size you're used to wearing and convert to our sizes. 


32F (32DDD) 32E 70F 10F
32G 32F 70G 10G
32H 32FF 70H 10H
32I 32G 70I 10I
32J 32H 70J 10J
34E (34DD) 34DD 75E 12E
34F (34DDD) 34E 75F 12F
34G 34F 75G 12G
34H 34FF 75H 12H
34I 34G 75I 12I
34J 34H 75J 12J
36E (36DD) 36DD 80E 14E
36F (36DDD) 36E 80F 14F
36G 36F 80G 14G
36H 36FF 80H 14H
36I 36G 80I 14I
36J 36H 80J 14J
38E (38DD) 38DD 85E 16E
38F (38DDD) 38E 85F 16F
38G 38F 85G 16G
38H 38FF 85H 16H
38I 38G 85I 16I
40E (40DD) 40DD 90E 18E
40F (40DDD) 40E 90F 18F
40G 40F 90G 18G
40H 40FF 90H 18H
42E (42DD) 42DD 95E 20E
42F (42DDD) 42E 95F 20F
42G 42F 95G 20G



So what happens if I still can't figure it out?

We also have our sizing calculator which will help fit you into our sizes. Just input your measurements (in inches please!) and we'll spit out the size you'd be in our system. 

Trusst Size Calculator (link)

 If you don't see your size, please feel free to email us at 

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