8 Big Boob Problems

Boobs. Breasts. TaTas. The Girls. Whatever you want to call them, if you have been blessed (or burdened) with big boobs - you know that it comes with a lot of baggage (literally and figuratively). We have laid out all, well most, of the problems that you will or have encountered as a well-endowed woman. 

  1. Finding Your Size

Having large boobs can mean - and usually does - that you have a hard time finding the correct size. This can mean anything from bras, tops, dresses, bathing suits, etc. Honestly, the list goes on and on. This is especially difficult if you have large breasts and a small waist…wait or large breasts and a large band. Okay, you know what, it’s all difficult. Trying to find a dress when you are a 2X up top and a large on the bottom is basically impossible. This is why having a great tailor is vital OR you just wear all of your clothing oversized. Either way, it’s a constant struggle. 

  1. Boob Sweat

Okay, ladies, we have all been an outdoor concert just minding our own business and we suddenly feel a bead of sweat rolling down from under our bra. Why oh why is this happening?! It’s the dreaded boob sweat. In an ordinary bra you will experience the damp feeling that comes from your bra being soaked through with sweat. Out in public, there isn’t really anything you can do about it - now at home that’s a whole other story - that’s about the time you lift up your boobs and stand directly in front of a blowing fan swaying along like you’re at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Good thing Trusst bras have that magical lining that wicks away sweat! 

  1. Back/Shoulder Pain

Picture this: a bra flying through the air across the room. This is the typical scene for most women with big boobs at the end of the day. You come home after a long day and immediately rip that bra off your body in order to feel some sort of relief from the constant back and shoulder pain. You have probably been dreaming and thinking about taking off that torture device since 2 PM. Of course, this was all before you had a Trusst bra. Because the bra support in every Trusst bra was designed specifically to lift and support large breasts. It takes the pressure and weight off your back and shoulders because it lifts from underneath - using your own core muscles. What?! Yes, it’s real. One of our customers actually described this feeling as being “magical”...what more can we say. 

  1. Shoulder Dents

The other day a woman came into our Showroom for a fitting. She had already bought and was wearing a Marjory t-shirt bra that she loved. One of the first things she said was that she was so excited about her bra, but wished she could have found it earlier because she already had shoulder dents that were years in the making. Because of the way in which most, if not all, other underwire bras are designed, you will have noticed that you have significant indentations on your shoulders. This is because the “support” you are being given from these bras simply isn’t good enough. Underwire bras were not designed to support but rather cover and shape your breasts. They were designed by men - how could they possibly design a bra that is going to give women what they actually need. They can’t. I think we can all determine that - I mean just look at previous bra companies up til now. Sexy. That’s what we have been told we need to look like in our bras. What about while at work, taking Grandma to brunch, or at an amusement park with family. We just want to feel comfortable and supported. With the right bra, the confidence and sex appeal just come naturally - within you, not from your bra. 

  1. Gaping Buttons

Growin up, we are shown pictures of “business women” who are all wearing power suits. This could include a blazer, pencil skirt, trousers, heels, a briefcase...but it almost always includes a button-down blouse. Enter, panic mode. A button-down blouse, do I really have to? When you have big boobs you know that a button-down blouse/shirt is going to gape. You already know this even before you pick it up. You know that you need to grab your actual size and then the size up because it’s not going to fit your boobs. You are so self-aware you have already planned a cardigan or jacket to wear over said blouse because of the buttons. You may already have a kit filled with double-sided tape, a safety pin, or a wire/rubber band to keep those buttons closed. OR you are already prepared to stake several tops to your neighborhood tailor to get them altered to fit. 

  1. Style Limitations

Have you ever Googled specific bra styles that you would like to try? Does it always end with “for big boobs”? No? Just us? Example: bralettes for big boobs. Sometimes when you have big boobs, you really only have certain styles that you can wear. This also applies to clothes. Read above: button-down blouses. 

  1. Working Out/Running

It’s 6 AM, you’re getting ready for your daily run. You pull on your high-performance leggings then it’s time to strap down your boobs with…? After starting your running journey, you have figured out a way to secure your breasts in a way that will at least ensure that they won’t be bouncing so high they actually hit your chin (okay that’s an exaggeration, but you get it). Maybe you layer on a couple of flimsy sports bras (no the most comfortable, but again, it works good enough for now) or perhaps you even wear a regular bra. Maybe it’s a combination of the two and you just add a sports bra over your regular bra. Not ideal in any of these scenarios. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do...right? 

  1. Laying On Your Stomach

You’re laying on the beach soaking up some much-needed vitamin D when you realize you have been laying on your back for a solid hour now - it’s time to flip over. You get yourself turned over and...ugh that is just not comfortable. Your boobs are so big that your neck ends up bending the wrong way and your back is so arched that it starts to hurt, too. Well, this isn’t working. This tends to happen any time you try to lay on your stomach. Your sleep positions have been significantly decreased - you’re down to your side or back. No one wants fewer options, you only want more. Oh well, tis life. 

While your Trusst bra can’t solve all of these issues, it can solve some of them. It makes your life a little easier, which is better than making it harder. We want you to be proud of your body, not ashamed or frustrated. You deserve to be comfortable, supported, and excited about life. After all, you work hard and deserve only the best! 

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July 25, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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