9 Bra Problems and How Trusst Fixes Them

If you’ve ever Googled underwire bra hacks or searched for a cure-all method to stop bra pain, we at Trusst are here to support you. We know that, as a woman, you may have grown accustomed to seeing deep, angry grooves in your shoulders from your straps being too tight, and you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you’ll always have a little spillover somewhere. And we know that you’ve most likely learned there’s no better feeling than stripping your bra off after a long day of being uncomfortable.

As a women-owned and operated company, we’re painfully familiar with the bra problems faced by females across the globe. We designed Trusst to be the solution to your bra problems. Today, we’re writing about 9 bra problems that only women will understand...and how Trusst Lingerie may just be the answer you’re looking for!

1. When your underwire digs in and makes a meal of your skin.

You may have learned to ignore the persistent dig and poke of your underwire burrowing into your ribs, chest, sternum, armpit, side, and/or breasts. But thanks to Trusst's BAST™ system, those days of discomfort are over. We’ve replaced the underwire in traditional bras with a three-dimensional polymer structure embedded within a foam cup. It’s so light and breezy, you’ll barely know it’s there -- and you’ll never have to deal with metal digging in again.

2. When your straps are so tight they leave dents on your shoulders.

Trusst bras are made with wide, foam-cushioned straps that are designed to be supportive, unbelievably comfortable, and feather-light. Additionally, because our bras redistribute your breast weight evenly across your torso, your straps will never be tasked with the sole responsibility of carrying this weight, so they won’t dig in or leave welts on your skin.

3. When your back and neck ache from a day of your breasts giving in to gravity.

There is almost nothing worse than the back ache that comes from wearing the wrong bra all day. That strain may even have kept you from exercising or heading out with friends after a day at work. Thankfully, those issues are issues no longer -- Trusst bras are posture-relieving, designed to lift over 80% of your breast weight, eliminating back and neck strain. They’re so supportive our customers can’t stop raving about them, like Tina O., who calls the Jessica the “Holy Grail of bras” for its “incredible lift and [stress-relieving]” fit!

4. When the temperature drops and you find your nipples suddenly on display.

Trusst bras are made with fuller-coverage, foam-cushioned cups that are designed to bring you sleek, unbeatable comfort but still protect you fully from the elements. Furthermore, we carefully conceal our BAST™ polymer structure so your bra lines won’t ever show through your shirt!

5. When you raise your arms and your band rides up, taking your whole bra with it.

You may have mastered the art of strategically reaching up to tuck away your breasts or to pull down an errant band. That might be happening because you’re wearing the wrong size (if you think you are, check out our bra fitting guide to find your perfect fit), or it may be because you’re wearing a bra with coverage that just isn’t cutting it. Trusst bras are crafted with fuller-coverage cups and stress-relieving technology, making them both supportive and reliable. Additionally, our bras are made with an incredibly secure fastening system -- the Marjory even comes with a four-hook closure to maximize support.

6. When you have to deal with boob sweat.

There’s almost nothing worse than wiping away boob sweat, especially when it’s the middle of summer. However, Trusst bras are made with an ultra-smooth jersey lining that’s both antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, so you’ll never have to worry about boob sweat again. Take it from one of our customers, Neena B: “I wore this bra under a very heavy costume in a show, and the boob sweat afterward was actually nonexistent. It’s a miracle!”

7. When you have to buy nipple cream to get relief from hours of painful chafing.

Our jersey lining is not only moisture-wicking, but also exquisitely soft. This material, combined with the foam cushioning in our cups, means Trusst bras will both lift and caress your curves without ever causing chafing or redness. Check out our front closure bra, the Evie, for a beautifully soft, everyday feel.

8. When you’re over a size D and can’t find your size anywhere.

Trusst bras are designed exclusively for plus size women -- we want to make sure women all over the world can find the comfort and coverage they deserve. We currently offer band sizes ranging from a 32 - 46, and cup sizes from a D - J. At Trusst, we are proud to create beautiful, high-tech bras for every woman, and we’re dedicated to making the most supportive and comfortable bras for full-figured women everywhere.

9. When you’re breastfeeding and your bra clogs your ducts.

This one’s for all of the mothers out there -- we know you may be avoiding underwire bras to prevent excess pressure that may lead to clogged milk ducts. Fortunately, Trusst bras are underwire-free and carefully constructed to ensure you never deal with digging, poking, or scraping from metal structures. You can comfortably wear our bras even if you’re breastfeeding!

(Note: our bras aren’t specifically designed for nursing yet...but it’s definitely in the works!)

At Trusst, we’re devoted to making sure you never have to deal with outdated bra problems again. We’ve been there and that’s why we spent years perfecting our innovative bra technology to make our bras the best for D+ women.

Are you anxious to trade in your underwire bra for the revolutionary support of a Trusst bra? Visit our Pittsburgh headquarters or head over to our site to see why women everywhere call our bras the most comfortable bras they’ve ever worn!

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August 13, 2018 by Trusst Brands
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