All About the Naomi: Meet Our Newest Trusst Bra

At Trusst, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our bras as comfortable and supportive for plus size women as we can. We’re always listening to our customers’ feedback and incorporating that feedback into our designs as we grow and innovate. Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to the newest bra in the Trusst collection: the Naomi.

The Naomi will be your new favorite essential bra. It comes in four shades and has fuller-back coverage for a smooth, flattering fit. It also incorporates side mesh for additional side support and a J-hook option to make the bra into a racerback. Lastly, the Naomi has straps with four points of adjustment. This is a bra that is designed to fit exactly how you want it to!

One of the best parts of the Naomi bra is that it also comes with matching panties. The Naomi panties have laser-cut, seamless edges that are perfect for everyday wear. Additionally, these panties are made from our signature antimicrobial, moisture-wicking lining, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable all day.

To learn more about the design process behind the Naomi bra and to meet our incredible designers, read on!

Who are the designers behind the Naomi and what it is that they do at Trusst?

The Naomi bra was primarily engineered by three of our talented team members: Sophia, Susan, and Mariah. Sophia, who has a strong design background, and Susan, who has an excellent technical background, come up with the concepts for our bras that are then realized by Trusst’s product designer Mariah. Mariah uses her amazing sewing talents to bring these innovative ideas to life.

Mariah’s responsibilities at Trusst include pattern-making, tech packs, and choosing colors and fabrics for our bras. She has been sewing from a young age and has an innate, driven talent for creating beautiful lingerie that gives women the support, comfort, and style that they deserve. Mariah states, “I would never have thought that Trusst would be the place I'd be, but after meeting the team and understanding their product and mission, working here just felt right.” The feeling is mutual -- Trusst would not be where we are now without her incredible abilities.

What were the main inspirations for the Naomi bra?

All About the Naomi: Meet Our Newest Trusst Bra

At Trusst, we pride ourselves on being a brand that listens to our customers; you are the main inspiration behind our designs. We created the Naomi to be a bra that women could wear daily. We chose the first colorways for the Naomi after meticulous research of all types of skin tone; we wanted to try and find the best main three tones that we could. Additionally, we knew that the Naomi needed to be smoothing, functional, highly supportive, and stylish. You will love the versatility -- the bra has a smooth outer shell to slip your favorite T-shirt over, and rose-gold hardware to add a sense of style and unique pop of color.

How did customer involvement influence the design of the Naomi bra?

The Naomi bra was 100% customer-driven. Our customers have a major influence on our decisions and on what we produce, and, fortunately, they are not shy about sharing their opinions on what they would like to see in our future products! That’s one of our favorite things about the Trusst community: Listening to what you have to say is what we need to keep providing women with the best bra choices.

All About the Naomi: Meet Our Newest Trusst Bra

When designing the Naomi, we wanted to create an everyday essential bra for women that was also the ultimate comfort solution. Ever since the launch of the Dahlia earlier this year, we had been listening to feedback from hundreds of women stating that they needed more side support. And truthfully, the Naomi side-support system was not part of the original design. But after hearing those requests, we quickly changed our final design and pattern to provide you with this much-needed side-support system. Like every Trusst bra, we wanted to create a bra with a purpose, and, thanks to the feedback we received, the Naomi now has it all!

What are some of the best parts of the design process?

Our favorite moments of the design process are seeing our testers’ reactions when they try on our factory prototypes and production samples. For us, those are goosebump moments that give us complete confirmation that we are on the right track. Mariah adds, “After putting all your effort into something you truly care about, seeing the bras come to life really makes all the work put in by you and the team worth it.”

What makes the Naomi bra so special?

As we’ve mentioned, the Naomi is so unique because of how customer-inspired it is. You asked for it, and we made it! This essential bra has a breathable, side-mesh overlay that continues into a full back coverage for a smooth and flattering fit. Special features include straps with 4 points of adjustment and a J-hook clasp that converts the bra into a racerback.

All About the Naomi: Meet Our Newest Trusst Bra

In addition to its side-support system, the Naomi also has a wider back for fuller coverage and is free of itchy tags to keep you comfortable all day long. And like our other Trusst bras, the Naomi is made with our patented BAST™ system to redistribute breast weight off of your shoulders and evenly across your torso. Finally, it is underwire-free, crafted from our signature moisture-wicking, antimicrobial jersey lining, and is designed to prevent show-through thanks to its foam-lined cups. The Naomi bra is a bra with a multi-functional, creative design for the D+ woman, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

At Trusst, we’re dedicated to making the best bras for D+ women across the world, and we believe the Naomi is no exception. If you’re ready to meet your new favorite essential nude bra, then head over to our website or visit our Pittsburgh headquarters to find your perfect fit today -- and don’t forget to leave a review letting us know how you’re loving it!

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August 17, 2018 by Trusst Brands
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