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It’s a new month and we have decided to dedicate this time to talk about sizing. When it comes to buying a bra (especially online), it’s so important to take the time to educate yourself about sizing and fit. Not every bra fits the same. As you already know, a Trusst bra is not like every other bra out there. We have a patented bra support technology that is completely different than a traditional underwire bra. Because of this, we want you to be able to come to us for support from everything to finding your perfect Trusst bra size to learning everything you need to know about the way your bra should fit and feel.

Let’s start off by giving you a brief overview of our technology since it is at the core of all of our designs. Our patented bra technology is a 3D support structure that is molded into the foam cups. The major differences you will notice are the unmatched comfort, support, and lift. Because our bra technology works by lifting over 80% of breast weight from your core, you will notice a significant decrease in back and shoulder pain. Since we do have this 3D structure built into the cup, you will notice that the cups are more shallow, which may mean that you will need to size up. Of course, our cups are based on volume, so depending on the density of your breasts, you may still be able to wear your usual size.

Speaking of sizing, let’s get right to the nitty gritty of it all.

Things to Consider

  • You should always start off by measuring yourself. Bust and underbust. We make it super easy for you to take these measurements and enter them into our Size Calculator. Once you enter in your correct measurements, you will be given your Trusst bra size. Note: If you find that your Trusst bra size is a lot different than your typical bra size, we would encourage you to email to talk to one of our Bra Experts.
  • Our cup sizes are based on volume, which means your Trusst cup size might stray from what you usually wear. You may notice that the cups are a little shallow (which is because of the support structure inside the cup). Don’t fret, we will help you find your true Trusst bra size. You should measure yourself and use the Size Calculator to figure it out or you can reach out to our Bra Experts.
  • If you think you are in-between sizes, we recommend that you purchase both so that you can compare the fit for each. We offer free returns and exchanges, so you’ll be able to return the size that doesn’t fit at no extra cost. Since our bra technology fits differently than an underwire bra, we encourage you to test out our bras as much as you can - we even want you to wear your new bra around for a few hours, or days, to really feel the difference our support makes before you decide if you want to keep your bra. If you have any questions once you have received your order, our Bra Experts will be happy to chat with you. Please email us at with any and all questions!
  • When it comes to your band, we use your actual underbust measurement to determine your size. If you use our Size Calculator to determine your size, we will automatically size up in the band size if you are between band sizes. For example, if you measure yourself at a 35.25, your band size will be a 36. Because we size this way, your band will be a much better fit. Note: if your band size is bigger than you what you usually wear or what you prefer, you can always size down in the band and size up in the cup (aka find your sister size).
  • Speaking of sister sizes, this is super helpful to know because if your size is out of stock or as mentioned above, you want to size up or down in your band, you will always be able to find a size that works for you. For example, if the Size Calculator gives you a sizing result of a 40G and you prefer to wear a 38 band, your sister size would be a 38H.

We hope that this informational guide helps you find your perfect Trusst bra size. Of course, our Bra Experts are always here to help if you need some additional guidance. Stay tuned all this month for more about bra sizing!

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May 02, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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Lana Reigart

Lana Reigart said:

Folks, the last thing a D+ woman needs is a molded foam cup. Let’s not add anything to make us look larger than we already are.

Trusst Brands

Trusst Brands said:

Hi, Lana – Thanks for commenting. The point of the molded cups is really to provide shape and coverage. Best, Trusst Team

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