Behind-The-Bra With Evie Designers

We asked our product designer, Mariah, to answer a few questions about our newest Evie front closure bra. We wanted to know how much goes into the design and production of a new bra style. This was especially interesting to us because this is the first time we have made a front closure style bra, with a racerback, too. 

Keep reading to find out more from Mariah:

Why did you choose a front closure bra?

We get feedback from our customers daily and one of their requests has been a front closure bra. We decided this could be a fun new style to add to our assortment as well for our customers.

Can you explain the design process? How do you start? 

Our process is similar each time we create a new style. First, our team likes to see what is out on the market that is similar to what we would like to create. We start by thinking, “how can this adapt to our technology of our molded cup”. Then from there, we take the bits and pieces of ideas of what could work to discuss and sketch out with our design team. Next would be making our very first prototype in-house to see if our ideas are possible to be done. Then we would fit on a model to confirm placement, measurements, and fit. 

When do you start fitting on a Fit Model? 

After the design process, it takes about 2 weeks for our first prototype to be finished, then we are able to start the fit process.

What is different about designing a bra around Trusst's support structure?

As you can see/feel our cup system is different from what you're used to, so our design process is also different. We have to think through the box to design surrounding the cup. This structure is a piece of molded plastic which doesn’t shrink down to sew around as easily a flat underwire. Sewing a bra with underwire is less complex than the effort and time it takes to create a Trusst bra. There have been struggles along the way, but we are always up for the challenge to bring you the best quality and construction for all Trusst bras.

What styles would you like to design next? 

There are many things we would like to design next! We are always listening to feedback from our customers, so you tell us.

Did we miss anything? If there is anything else that you would like to know, please reach out to our Customer Care team or leave a comment below!
July 30, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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