Benefits of Wearing Trusst Bras

If you don’t already know, the benefits of wearing a Trusst bra are the actual reason for buying one our bras. We always talk about our incredible bra technology because that is at the core of our brand, and we want to make sure you also know exactly what that technology actually gives you. 

First, the tech...all of our bras use the same bra support structure which was designed to support from underneath instead of from your band or straps. The bra support was created for plus size women to give you more than your average underwire bra. If that’s the case, then why do underwires even exist? It’s because the underwire provides shape, not lift or support. What if you could have a bra that does both? Enter...Trusst. With a Trusst bra, you get a core set of benefits with every single bra style you try, not to mention a variety of features designed with your needs in mind. 

benefits of wearing a trusst bra


  1. No poking wires
  2. Reduced back and shoulder pain
  3. Elimination of shoulder dents
  4. No red marks or chafing
  5. Boob sweat is wicked away

As we said, the above benefits are a result of the thoughtful design of each bra. Because we don’t use underwires, our bras won’t poke. Because of our bra support technology, back and shoulder pain is relieved, and shoulder dents are no longer an issue. That’s what happens when you have real support! Lastly, as a result of the high-quality materials, you will no longer notice uncomfortable chafing or red marks under your boobs - and your boob sweat is now a thing of the past. That is because of the fabric lining used for all of our bras - it wicks away sweat and keeps you fresh and dry all day long. 

To understand more about the features of each of our bras...stay tuned for future blog posts. In the meantime, you can check out any of the product pages for the bra you are interested in for more information. As always, we encourage you to give a Trusst a bra a try. We are happy to support you through our stellar Bra Experts and our Size Calculator (to help determine your best size).

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July 01, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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JoanE said:

All my Trust bras were in the laundry yesterday so I had to wear my Cacique. When I took it off I had a huge red mark under my breasts. That does not happen with Trusst bras ♥️!!!

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