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Clues to Solving Your Bra Fit Dilemmas

Posted on July 26 2016

Finding a bra that fits and supports properly can seem like a mystery even the great Nancy Drew couldn’t crack, but luckily for you, the gals at Trusst are on the case. Below are some of the most common fit issues, and what they could be telling you about your current bra.



1. Quad bood, side boob and under boob

If your bra fits correctly everywhere else, a cup that is too small can cut into your breast, causing, you guessed it, quad boob. A larger cup size is a simple fix.

If your breast is sneaking out of the bottom of your bra, it could be a sign your band is too large. Another possible culprit is not positioning your breasts properly in the cup. Try the swoop and scoop, and if your band is still coming up over your bust, it’s time to go down a band size*.

Side boob can be a bit trickier. You first need to make sure the area of concern is actually breast tissue and not part of your torso or underarm. If it is breast tissue, you most likely need a larger cup or a cup with fuller coverage.

2. Shoulder dents

Shoulders should only carry 10% of the weight of your breasts. So if you’re seeing red dents at the end of the day, your shoulders are carrying more than their fair share. A band that is too large (beginning to see a pattern here?) means that it is not supporting you properly and is leaving your shoulders to do all the heavy lifting.



3. Band riding up your back

Your band should be parallel with the ground. If it’s riding up your back, that’s a sign your band is too large. Choosing a smaller band size will give you the fit and support you need to keep your band and breasts in place.


4. Back Bulge

While many people associate back bulge with a band that is too tight, it is in fact just the opposite. A band that is too large will not only ride up your back, but push skin and fat along with it, causing bulges. A smaller band may sound counter-intuitive, but the results speak for themselves.

Other Common Fit Problems

Wrinkled cups

No woman in the history of the world ever wanted her breasts to look wrinkled, but that is exactly what can happen in a cup that is too large. By going down a cup size, your breasts can fill out the cup better, leading to no wrinkles and a more secure fit.

Slipping Straps

If your straps are constantly sliding off your shoulders, a simple adjustment may be all you need. Make sure your straps are tensioned correctly so they are tight enough to stay in place but not too tight that it causes discomfort. If they are still slipping after this adjustment, try looking for bras with straps positioned closer to the center of the back. Wide-set straps can be problematic on narrow or sloped shoulders.

Finding a good bra will take some trial and error, but it’s important not to let the number or letter on the tag throw you off. Don’t be afraid to try a smaller or larger band or cup size. While it may be different than what you’re used to, you just might get a pleasant surprise. And each brand will be different so don’t assume your size is consistent across brands or even styles of the same brand. Try on every bra, every time - even if you’re ordering online.

*Reminder: If you go down in band size, you will need to go up in cup size. And if you go up in band size, you need to go down in cup size. This is called sister sizing, and it ensures the volume of your cup stays the same.

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