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As a bra company that actually does what it says it will do, we have always strived to build a brand around a core set of values. One of the most important aspects of this is “Comfort, Redefined By Women”. What does it mean? Well, as we are a female-founded company with over 75% of our workforce comprised of talented women, we have created a new support technology that was specifically designed to be more comfortable for women with D+ cup breasts. Hence, “Comfort, Redefined By Women”. But, not just any women, the women of Trusst all contribute to this core belief in different ways.

To hear more about how each woman is providing “comfort” to our community, follow along below.

women of trusst

My role as founder of Trusst is to make sure every woman - customer, team member, friend of the brand - feels comfort in her daily life. Our products redefine comfort in a physical sense, taking the weight off your shoulders and allowing you to move through your day without worrying about bra discomforts. Our company culture - open, honest, and empowering - allows each member of the Trusst team to feel comfortable providing input, receiving feedback, and above all, bonding as a family. And our friends of the brand feel comfort in knowing that our company is working towards a mission to change the landscape of the bra industry through innovation.” - Sophia, Founder + CCO

I'm one of the oldest members of the Trusst team. In the early years of Trusst, I've worn many hats from material research to customer service and anything in between. As our Trusst team grew, these hats were happily handed off with many thanks. :)   I now get to truly focus on my passion for innovating new products, creating new intellectual property, and executing these ideas into reality for women. As a scientist in the Trusst team, my job is to make sure our products are comfortable and supportive through innovative technologies.” - Susan, Director of Innovation

“The biggest part of my role as Product Designer is having comfort in mind throughout each step. Every detail, trim, fabrication choice has to take on the needs and wants from women. Another attribute that defines comfort is fit. Creating these products to fit our women in the best way can create another defining way to provide comfort. All these areas are important and taking the steps and time to create the best for you. Every day is a new day to innovate and redefine comfort through our products and it's been a pleasure to take on this task with the team!” - Mariah, Product Designer

“As the Content Manager, my goal is to always put out content that is not only beautiful and engaging but also conveys comfort to our community and to women who have never heard of our brand. We do this through technology illustrations, customer quotes, and product imagery...among other things. I always want to make sure that comfort and support are at the forefront of our messaging and imagery because after all, that is what we are all about.” - Chelsey, Content Manager

“As the Community Experience Manager, I redefine comfort by engaging with the community and customers in an open and honest way. This instills confidence in our brand and the comfortability for customers to share their stories, experiences, and frustrations. I believe that the comfort I provide for our customers is redefined by the open flow of communication provided. I believe the best form of redefining comfort in my job is to not pass judgment or make assumptions but to listen and be willing to work out every situation in an honest way.” - Bre, Community Experience Manager

women of trusst


“In my role as Production Manager, my main focus is to manage our process from conceptual design to finished product. Our innovation and design team do an incredible job creating bras that are comfortable and supportive.  My top two priorities are to ensure that we are executing their visions properly and then to get these amazing products delivered so they can be made available to women everywhere.” - Lauren, Production Manager

“As the Marketing Intern, I focus primarily on our affiliate marketing program and email analytics. In working with our affiliate partners, I help spread our redefining comfort message through various campaigns and the content we use across platforms.” - Courtney, Marketing Intern

“As Trusst’s Marketing Specialist, my primary focus is digital advertising. I’m redefining comfort in my role, by pushing out ads to women with messaging centered around how our bras are different, and how we genuinely want to help you live your everyday life more comfortably. I also review our analytics, to improve our ad delivery and ensure we are continuously changing women’s lives, by redefining comfort.” - Molly, Marketing Specialist

“As the PR Manager, it's my job to make sure we're authentically delivering what we promise our customers. The word "comfort" is an awesome descriptor that carries a lot of marketing value but are Trusst bras ACTUALLY comfortable? The answer is yes. Our customers say so. We deliberately design them to be this way and I can sleep soundly at night knowing we're telling our customers the truth. My favorite part of the week is listening to our Community Manager review customer feedback and knowing that if any of our customers were interviewed by media, I'd be comfortable with that.” - Caroline, PR Manager

We hope that this inspires you to work toward redefining what comfort means to you. Whether it’s what you wear, how you feel, or who you’re with, you deserve it all.

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