Create & Cultivate NYC Recap

On Saturday I went to the NYC Create & Cultivate conference...and it was AWESOME. It was a day-long event where I had the chance to mingle with tons of women (1500+ attendees!), explore new brands and old favorites at super cool booths, and attend panels where super inspiring female leaders spoke and shared their stories on how they got their starts, raised money, and overcame countless challenges.

Some of my favorite panel speakers were Rebecca Minkoff, Tamarra Mellon, founders of Laundress, Supergoop, Schmits, Carol's Daughter, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the Editor in Chief at Marie Claire. There were also two amazing keynote speakers: Martha Stewart and Ashley Graham.

There were also breakout sessions where you had the chance to meet in small groups with mentors - women who have been building successful brands and were opening up their advice and stories through Q&A discussions.

Here were some of my favorite panels:

  • Raise Up: On Venture Capital, Negotiation & Boot Strapping Your Business - The main takeaway from this panel is that women just need to ask more. Ask for money, for advice, for opportunities, and for what you DESERVE!
  • Brand Love: How to Build Companies with Kindness at their Core - See some of my favorite quotes below. My favorite takeaway from this one was from Kristi Lewis at Hallmark, who talked about how even if she said “no” to someone in her company, that she always spent the time to explain the “why.” Saying yes is easy; it’s the “why behind the no” that really makes a difference towards building great relationships and positive team culture.
  • POD SQUAD: Meet the Ladies Killing the Podcast Game - This was a really fun panel featuring some awesome female-led podcasts. Each host spoke about her mission, how she got started, and tips and tricks for starting your own podcast. Definitely got me excited for some new content to listen to!

And here are some of my favorite quotes from the day:

  • Simplify to amplify. Growth for growth’s sake is a sickness. Learn to say no to the pressure to keep climbing if it’s not the right direction. - Kate Sturino
  • It takes a monumental shift in how we think about things to make change. We have to say, I’m not changing for you. I don’t care if you call me a whale 500 times on Instagram—I’m the proudest whale out there, then. - Hunter McGrady
  • Build a brand with kindness at its core.

I left inspired and excited from connections, stories of growth and success, and with a goodie bag full of fun new products to try. Create & Cultivate was a great experience and something I would definitely encourage every woman who is looking to build her own brand, help another company build theirs, or just feel inspired. And just for fun - here’s the #createcultivatenyc video I filmed :)

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May 06, 2019 by Sophia Berman
Tags: Women

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