Creative Ways to Practice Self-Love at Work

We’re extra passionate about our customers here at Trusst Lingerie. Time and time again, you’ve shown us just what it means to be kind, dedicated, diverse, and hardworking. Your support, feedback, and interactions are what fuel our work here and help us to create products that help you to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

But as a company created for women by women, we also recognize that your health and wellbeing depends on more than the lingerie you wear. That’s why we recently started writing all about our favorite self-love tips on our blog, and the positive feedback you’re sending us has been truly mind-blowing! Because September is such a busy month, we’ve been very intentional about sharing these tips and posts over the past few weeks. However, we recognize that many of those tips may be hard to implement during the work week. So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to practice self-love in the office:


1. Decorate your space.

Creative Ways to Practice Self-Love at Work

Although many of you have incredible jobs that we love hearing about, we also know that coming into the same space every day can take its toll on even the most passionate. Oftentimes, establishing a sense of routine results in us entering the office on autopilot, with the start of work signaling it’s time to pause our personal lives until the day is over.

However, the office doesn’t have to feel that way! One of the biggest ways you can practice self-love in your office is by decorating and/or freshening up your space. If you have a desk, consider changing -- or, if there aren’t any, then adding -- pictures and photographs to make your space feel personal to you. Make a collage of your favorite images, or create a moodboard of your favorite things, then find somewhere in your space to hang/post it as a reminder of your inspirations. Additionally, write yourself notes and leave these hidden in drawers or pinned on your bulletin board as reminders of the amazing work you’re doing. You can even purchase plants or other fun decorative items to help you feel more at ease as you work. Whatever you do, the key is to make your desk space feel as though it’s yours. That way, you’ll be able to come into the office with a sense of ownership and pride!


2. Dress up in clothes that make you feel special.

Although many offices and workspaces may have a dress code, finding ways to make the clothing you wear feel unique to you is also a key way to practice self-love at work. Take time in the morning as you’re dressing to appreciate your body for all it’s about to do for you during the busy day! If your office allows it, choose at least one day each week to wear a favorite item from your closet that you feel great in. You can even invest in some new pieces for your office wardrobe that you love (like a staple blazer or a pair of heels) to give you a fresh take on your attire.

If you wear a uniform or the same work clothes every day, then get creative about making your clothing feel special! This can be as simple as putting on your favorite piece of jewelry/a new lip color, or slipping on lingerie that gives you a special touch of style. For example, Trusst bras are designed to support you all day while flattering you and providing you with maximum comfort. Our Jessica and Suzanne bras are crafted from an intricate lace, and our Naomi bra is finished with beautiful rose-gold detailing to add another layer of sophistication to your lingerie. Investing in small details is another way to make your clothing feel unique to you while complying with your office’s dress code.


3. Start thinking intentionally.

Between analyzing your own weaknesses and consistently seeking feedback and striving for improvement, it’s easy to become self-critical in the office. However, to begin prioritizing your emotional happiness, start practicing self-compassion in the office. This doesn’t mean becoming complacent or settling for your average efforts; rather, it means using self-love to motivate you to become an even better version of yourself.

Instead of beating yourself up whenever you make a mistake, start by consciously replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones by noticing the things you did well. Then, approach mess-ups from a place of constructive criticism. How can you learn from what went wrong and apply those lessons to future projects? Are there ways that you can amend or improve what’s already been done? Are there people who you can ask for help or a fresh pair of eyes? As soon as you feel negativity begin to creep its way into your headspace, take a step back and switch your thinking by treating yourself with kindness. It may feel phony or require deliberate effort at first, but, as you make a habit of this practice, you’ll start to realize just how impactful positive thinking can be on both your emotional wellbeing -- and your productivity.


4. Gratitude breaks.

Creative Ways to Practice Self-Love at Work

The work day may be busy, but carve out time to practice intentional gratitude and mindfulness in the office. According to life coach Alfred James, this means “[cultivating] contentment in the moment and [escaping] the persistent striving we find ourselves caught up in on a daily basis. Rather than anxiously wanting to finish an everyday routine task...take that regular routine and fully experience it like never before.”

Every day, set aside 5 minutes to notice 5 things that you wouldn’t have paid attention to on a regular basis. You can do this by tracking your senses. For example, pay attention to the taste of your coffee or the feeling of the air in the room. Listen for sounds outside your window. Take breaks to look away from your work and observe your surroundings or the people around you. Then, make a conscious choice to appreciate those things and find reasons to be grateful for them. Challenge yourself to do this every day -- you’ll be amazed at all the inspiring things in your office that you discover!

We love our work here at Trusst Lingerie. We also recognize that what makes that work meaningful is our conscious effort as a team to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves. We’re so excited to continue bringing you posts that not only explore our amazing D+ bras, but that also share ways you can stay supported throughout the year -- keep tuning in to read more. In the meantime, check out our online selection to find your new favorite office bra today!

October 10, 2018 by Brandi Darby