Dear, Sophia...The Gore Doesn't Sit Flat

Dear Sophia,

I love the idea of Trusst. I’ve bought quite a few just looking for the right size. I think I’m as close as I’m going to get right now until bigger bra sizes are designed. I started with a 44G and have worked my way to 40I... which is the best fit so far. The gore still doesn’t land quite where it’s supposed to (on my sternum). I can’t tell if this is just the nature of the 3D support system versus traditional underwires. Either way, I’m very happy with my purchases and super happy with the service.


Jean K.

Dear Jean,

Thank you for writing to us! I would be happy to give some insight on some of the issues you are having with sizing, as well as the design of our bras

First, you took the right steps in trying a few sizes to find the right fit. Our bras do run a bit smaller than other brands. This size difference is due to the 3D support structure that is sewn into the cup. I always suggest trying our Find My Size feature on our website. This feature will allow you to input your band and bust measurements and give you an idea of what is your suggested Trusst bra size. 

From there, you can also speak with one of our Bra Experts about the results of the calculator, as well as style questions. They are always available to walk you through the process of finding the right bra size.

The band should always fit the most comfortable on the loosest set of hooks. This allows you to get more wear out of it as the band stretches over time you can move into the tighter hooks. If the band does not fit tightly you will notice that the gore does not sit as flat to the chest, and you may even experience some gapping from the bottom of the cup. You hit the nail on the head with it being because of the 3D support structure, it does affect the fit of the bra. The good news is that it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

It does sound like you found the correct size for you, but, if you do have any other questions regarding sizing or style, please reach out to:



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July 16, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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