Dear, Sophia...I Can't Find The Right Bra

Dear Sophia, 

I've tried the Marjory bra in 3 different sizes & it just isn't for me. If the band fits, the cups are too big or too small even trying them 1 cup size apart, i.e. a 40E & a 40F - band fits but the E is too small (I spill out the sides) and the F is too big. And the 4 rows of hooks was too much; 3 would have been plenty.


Kimberly S.

Dear Kimberly, 

Thank you so much for giving the Marjory t-shirt bra a try. We are sorry to hear that you weren’t able to find the right fit for you. We always do encourage to try a couple of sizes to avoid the wait time caused by exchanging for sizes - so you made the right choice by trying a few sizes. We are just sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you with this particular style. 

Have you tried any other Trusst bras? Between styles, the fit will be different. If you want to give us another try, we would encourage you to try either the Naomi convertible bra or the Evie front closure bra. The Naomi has 3 hooks in the back and the Evie has a full racerback with front closure instead of the 4 hooks that the Marjory has. 

The Naomi bra gives you more features like the side mesh for more coverage, a j-hook to give you another style option (racerback), and a variety of colors. The Evie is our newest style which has the new front-closure feature along with a wider side-band and breathable mesh racerback.

Besides the Size Calculator, we do encourage you to reach out to one of our incredibly helpful Bra Experts because they can give you a lot more details about the fit and sizing, plus they can help with any return or exchange questions. Anything you need, they are here to help! 

Thanks again for your feedback. Keep it coming! 



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July 17, 2019 by Trusst Brands
Tags: Women

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