Dear, Sophia...No More Red Marks

Dear Sophia,

After wearing the Marjory all day- 14 hours- I could not believe the comfort of it. When I took it off I had no red indentions on my shoulders or around my torso, no back strain. I have never had that happen before. Size was perfect, comfort awesome. Thank you Trusst!


Karen E. 

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for writing to us! I do have to say, 14 hours in any bra is very impressive! I am so glad to hear that our comfort and support is benefitting you throughout the day. 

Trusst bras were designed to provide long-lasting comfort and support throughout the day. Most of the benefits that you mentioned are ones we often hear about from other customers who have experienced the same from wearing a Trusst bra. With careful attention to detail, we created a bra that would help to get rid of some of these common problems that D+ women face when it comes to bra comfort and support.

Our 3D support system provides lift and support from underneath your breasts. By lifting up to 80% of breast weight, stress is taken off both your shoulders and back. Our technology can benefit your shoulders by relieving tension and helping to decrease the red indentations in your shoulders by lifting breast weight from your core rather than your shoulders and back. Posture will then begin to improve and clothes will begin to fit differently.

We are so happy that you are loving your Trusst Bra We recently launched a new style, Evie, our first front closure bra. This would be a great style to add to the collection! If you need any help with style questions, please reach out to our team at



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July 31, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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