Dear, Sophia...T-Shirt Bra Fit Tips

Dear Sophia,

I really like this bra but a few things I wished I would have read before purchasing my Marjory. The band is very stretchy; I would have sized down. The cups are much bulkier than used to but the design works! Lastly while it lifts the girls up very well, it separates them out much more than any other bra I’ve had. It’s not bad just different.


Jen M.

Dear Jen,

Thank you so much for writing in. We are so glad that you are enjoying the overall support and comfort that the Marjory t-shirt bra provides. It is always a great idea to do some research before ordering one of our bras.

The Marjory t-shirt bra does have more stretch to the band. If you prefer a tighter fit in the band, we usually suggest sizing down with this particular style. However, if you do size down in the band, you will want to size up in the cup. This is because we use the sister sizing method. For instance, a 42G would have the same cup volume as a 40H and a 44F. If you go up in the band you will go down in the cup, and vise versa. 

Our bras do feel different compared to other brands. This is due to our patented 3D support system that is sewn into the bra. This structure is much different than traditional underwire. With our technology, up to 80% of breast weight is lifted from underneath your breasts. This relieves the stress your breast weight puts on your back and shoulders. Therefore, the bra may feel bulkier compared to other brands and traditional underwire bras, but the support and comfort our bras provide give long term benefits. Say goodbye to shoulder dents and constant back pain, and hello to better posture and extreme comfort. 

Once you get used to the feeling of our unique design, the bra does the rest. The Marjory is the perfect casual, everyday bra. Some customers love the stretch of the band, while others prefer the tighter fit. It is all about preference. Another great thing about the Marjory band is that if someone is a 48 band, they would be able to get away with a 46 band in this style.

Our bra design is definitely different than your traditional underwire bra, but that is the support and comfort a D+ woman needs. Heavier chests need the extra support that our patented technology is able to provide. 

The good news is, we offer risk-free returns and exchanges for domestic U.S. customers. If anything may be off with the fit, our team here will help you with correcting the fit issues you are experiencing. For more help or questions on style or sizing, please contact our team at



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July 30, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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