Dear, Sophia...These Bras Are Magic

Dear Sophia,

I have donated all of my other bras to a women’s shelter. Trusst is the only bra brand I wear now. I now have a total of 6 Trusst Bras. It’s an essential in my wardrobe! I LOVE the jersey knit lining and how it keeps me feeling cool and fresh all day long. Another thing I love about these bras is that I was able to eliminate the cost of a chiropractor from my weekly expenses. These bras are magic!  I highly recommend them!


Carla L

Dear Carla,

This is all so fantastic to hear! I want to thank you so much for writing to us and sharing with us how truly great Trusst bras make you feel.

I personally love the jersey knit lining in our bras as well. I am a constant boob sweater, and the antimicrobial and wicking properties in the lining help to keep me feeling refreshed all day long. We put a lot of time and thought into these products and we are so happy that you are enjoying the features that we worked intensely on for quite some time. 

It is also so incredible to hear that you have been able to eliminate the cost of going to the chiropractor. It is amazing what support will do for your body! Our bras were designed to lift up to 80% of breast weight from underneath. This then helps to relieve stress from the shoulders and back. It sounds like you are really feeling that relief!

It excites me so much to hear that you were able to replace all of your bras with Trusst bras! We think it is incredible that you were able to donate all of your other bras to those in need. Having customers as passionate and giving as you is what our brand is all about.

I thank you so much for your constant support! 



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July 19, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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