Feel Your Best This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner and we wanted to share with you some ways that you can look and feel your absolute best this holiday. Whether you’re celebrating at a picnic, grilling at home with your furry companion, or at a company soiree...the key to looking great starts with feeling great. Here are a few ways that Trusst bras can help you look and feel your best.

See The Difference

If you are someone who has bigger breasts, you know how heavy they can be. Let’s face it, we are battling gravity here so we need much more to hold us up than some flimsy underwire. Our patented bra support technology supports over 80% of breast weight from underneath as opposed to relying solely on the band and straps. With the support coming from underneath, you will notice that your breasts will be much more lifted than they are in your “typical” underwire bra. Once you get used to the difference, rejoice in your newly defined waistline!

Feel The Difference

Memorial Day Weekend signifies the unofficial start of summer, which means hot and sticky weather. If you are someone who has large breasts, you are also someone who has had to deal with boob sweat. Typically, you would try whatever you need to in order to keep away that pesky boob sweat - i.e. deodorant under the boobs, some tissues stuffed in your bra to absorb sweat, and even tucking a cami underneath your bra. Here’s the good news - you no longer have to do any of those things to get rid of boob sweat. Try a Trusst bra! Our lining has antimicrobial and wicking properties. Wicking means that the moisture is directed away from you instead of pooling in your bra. When you take your bra off, you will notice the moisture in your bra, but you will not have felt any of that - it’s truly amazing!

Experience The Difference

Not only will your boobs be lifted to where they should be, but you will also notice that your body will feel different. Because our bra technology takes the pressure off of your back and shoulders, you will start to notice how completely different you feel. The first thing that happens is that you don’t have that daily back and shoulder pain. You will also find that you are standing up straighter. This is because you aren’t burdened by back or shoulder pain - we know it sounds obvious, but hey, you should know what to expect.

feel the difference

Have a happy and safe memorial day!

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