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Sophia here. Happy Friday.

In 3 days it will be exactly 6 months since we shipped our first products, long-anticipated by our Kickstarter backers as well as many other women throughout the world who were excited to try our new technology. We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback – in fact, almost every woman who comes into our showroom ends up leaving wearing a new Trusst bra, old bra in hand. One woman even ripped her old bra in half right in front of us!

As industrial design students, we are taught about form and function, and how to merge two equally important factors to create a successful, usable AND attractive end product. We focus on ergonomics, or the practice of designing product that help make the lives of people more efficient. I remember spending countless hours and many late nights perfecting a specific curve of a flashlight design or adapting a unique form for a teapot based off of a particular type of tea...

Why am I talking about flashlights and teapots? Aren’t we a bra company? Yes, of course. What I’m talking about is how much practice, thought, and attention goes into creating a new product. This practice continues on into the real world, except it’s even more exciting because you have the opportunity to work with real customers and make more than one of each new design. When designing a completely new product, especially one that has a patented intent, it is important to understand the cycle of product development and the specific end goals of both your customer and your company.

This is exactly what we did when we designed our BAST system. First, we created our company mission: to overthrow the traditional underwire that leaves so many of us lacking in satisfaction or comfort. While this mission originated out of a need from personal experience, it was further refined based on customer interviews, testing, and market research. Then, we got to work. We spent countless days and endless nights working to design, test, and redesign our technology and integrate it into a beautiful, comfortable bra. And guess what? The response has been overwhelmingly positive. One of our customers told us that she has postponed breast reduction surgery for her daughter now that they have discovered our bras. Another woman wrote a review that our bras are her “holy grail” – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Since feedback is so important for other customers in making purchasing decisions, I encourage you all to share your perspective on your new Trusst bras here.

So what’s next for us, and for you as a Trusst customer? We’re constantly receiving, analyzing and incorporating feedback into our next designs. We know that things only get better with age and experience, and our customer feedback has been invaluable in our ongoing product development. We’ve been working on new styles and colorways (soon to be announced – yippee!) and we’re still staying strong to our mission of supporting women through our BAST system as well as other future, engineered technologies.

Thanks for your ongoing support – have a fabulous weekend.

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April 14, 2017 by Sophia Berman
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