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Great Teams Make Great Products

Posted on September 27 2016

In the startup world, one can argue that it’s an idea that makes a great product. While we believe that this is partly true, the catalyst that really drives the product from good to great, is a dedicated team to make it happen.


Here at Trusst, we’re lucky to work with a team of amazing and talented women, but what happens when you need to start working with a team you’re not familiar with? How do you solve problems when your factory is on the other side of the world, and doesn’t necessarily speak the same language? These are some of the challenges we’ve had to face over the last year in our efforts to produce the best bras possible.


As a team, we’ve had the unique experience of working very closely with our factories to make sure that we are 100% satisfied with the product they’re producing. Of course, it’s hard to learn how to communicate your wishes and needs for a completely new product when there is both a distance and language barrier. So, we did what was best for our product and positioned a portion of the team on the ground in China to iron out the details. While this doesn’t work for everyone, we felt making our factory communications one on one was necessary to get the best product as quickly as possible.


The Trusst production process is a little more involved than that of a traditional bra. We won’t get into the specifics, but we’ve had to work with quite a few factories to assemble all the components that create the comfort of a Trusst bra. During our previous trip to China, we worked with amazing teams at our factories to refine, re-sample, refine and finalize what is in our bras. So while we work with a talented team back home in the US, we weren't quite expecting to be working with so many teams of amazing women overseas!


Our dedicated connections at the cup molding factory were willing to put up with our crazy suggestions of how to make the molding process work better, faster and more efficiently. We had numerous meetings in front of the factory’s molding machines, discussing the process while the factory made cup after cup. This led to new innovations in their cup molding process, using new materials and new processes that they haven’t used before.


The head of production and technical design at our Cut and Sew factory, who we learned to communicate with very effectively, helped us solve patterning issues and integrate our cups into bras that are both attractive and comfortable - she’s a technical genius. Fun fact: Mandarin-English translation apps for your phone are very worth it.


Our woman on the ground, Vivien, answered Skype calls well into the early hours and helped push our factories ahead to make deadlines. We call Vivien, and all of these women, our superwomen- the extension of the team back home who are willing to do most anything to get our products out.


So, to our extended team – thank you for your hard work, we couldn’t have done it all without you!


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