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Greetings from China - Manufacturing Update

Posted on June 27 2016


Hello! Or should we say Ni Hao? Our fearless co-founder and Chief Product Officer Laura West is currently in China finalizing details for production of our first batch of bras. Apart from fine-tuning her chopstick skills, she’s been working hard with our factories to make sure every last detail is perfect.


First up on Laura’s checklist was overseeing the cup molding process. Since our cups contain the patent pending Trusst support system, this step needed some extra TLC. Before hitting go on production of the cups, the factory provided a full size run for Laura’s approval. The photos below show our cups in several sizes, looking pretty and ready for assembly. The gray fabric featured on the cups is antimicrobial and has wicking properties. This means your breasts will feel not only supported but also cool.


After Laura signed off on the cups, the factory began assembly on samples for each of our three styles. Throughout the process, each piece of the bra is measured to ensure it meets the exact specifications provided by our team. This strict adherence to these measurements ensures a consistent fit across sizes and styles. And for our Jessica bra, it’s all in the details. Below you can see the factory workers positioning pattern pieces on the lace. Proper positioning can mean less waste, and of course, a prettier bra.



Laura’s having a great time in China, especially seeing the craftsmen bring Trusst’s prototypes to life on a large scale. Next week, the Trusst blog will feature a Q&A with Laura, where she will talk all about what it’s like living in China and experiencing a new culture.

And don’t forget to check out our Instagram page - Laura’s been taking some amazing photos, and we will continue to share them. The finish line is finally in sight, and we can’t wait to get our bras stateside and into your hands! Stay tuned for more updates on our blog and Facebook page.

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