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Clothes shopping has always been hard for me. For years, my size was never available in-store. “Who even wears this size?” I’d say, thinking that they should have more items of my size -- a size girls are actually wearing. I took a lot of pride in my tiny size at the time. Since it was always sold out, that meant I was wearing the majority of what other girls were wearing. I used to tell myself, “I will never go up to X size.” This was at a time when my eating disorder was really bad and I would equate my size with my worth. “If I go up to X size, I won’t be as worthy.” At least, that’s what my brain would tell me. 

As I went through recovery, clothes shopping continued to be a hard spot for me. Now, I am one of those people who wear those larger sizes, sizes I told myself I would never get to. I’ve gone from buying the smallest size in the store to online ordering since my size isn’t always carried in stores. While my weight gain is healthy (thanks recovery!), it’s still difficult to deal with. The last time I went shopping, I ended up feeling really good about some things, but after I looked at the sizes, I was really bothered. I honestly thought about getting a smaller size, even though I felt better in the larger one. WHAT. 

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I had an intense talk with myself on WHY I would choose something based on a smaller number. I did hype myself up enough to get my true size (with the agreement that getting a larger size doesn’t mean this is my size forever — if I’m truly unhappy then I can do something about it), so I’m taking that as progress. I spent a lot of money on clothes. What I’m not gonna do is feel guilty about that, though, because I DESERVE clothes that make me feel good. 

When I went to Trusst’s showroom, I knew I wanted to try on bras, but a part of me was dreading it. I knew I was currently buying the wrong size bra, and I didn’t want to accept that yet again, I would be sizing up in my clothing. To my surprise, I left the fitting room empowered and excited. Yes, empowered AND excited! 

I was first measured and told my actual measurements not just the size equivalent. I was then given bras that correspond to my measurements and not really told what size I would be trying on. By going into the fitting with the knowledge of “this is the size that fits my body,” I was able to get rid of the mindset of “I want my body to fit into X size.” After trying on different styles and sizes with the help and expertise of the Trusst consultant, I was able to really ask myself how the bras made me feel. After I chose two bras, I was told my sizes… and they were different sizes! How crazy is that? This experience really showed me how impactful it is to shop based on fit and comfort versus an arbitrary sizing guide.

-- Ashleigh Bowling, @busybee.inthecity

 guest blogger, trusst blog, trusst brands, trusst lingerie

September 17, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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