HAPPY NEW YEAR | 2018 #goals

Hey there. Sophia here. Wishing you all a very happy new year!
We are incredibly energized over here at Trusst and have already started our first plank morning meeting! (for those of you who don’t know, it’s our new way to keep our morning meetings short but effective, all the way to our core ;)
2017 was a big year for women across the world, and it brought us together to be stronger than ever and to support each other. This resonates with our mission: to continue to serve you with new innovations to support and empower you this year and for years to come. Here are some of my #goals for Trusst (and you!) in 2018:

Providing new products: your everyday staple colors!
We have evolved as a company since our inception 3 years ago, but our core values remain the same: providing support for women everywhere by creating elegant technologies through our technical backgrounds in science, design, and engineering. We have received amazing feedback from our first collection and are excited to announce that we will be launching a new style in just a few weeks, called the Dahlia (named after my mother’s mother, an incredibly creative, energetic free spirit). And per my grandmother’s request, we will now be offering matching panties in multiple styles for each new color launched. Check out this sneak peak of our super fun matching sets coming your way - and follow us for updates!

Creating new sizes: bigger bands and larger cups
We have also listened to your requests for larger sizes, and the Dahlia will be available in band sizes 34-46 (remember that we fit based off of US sizing). We have added the next cup volume larger for new cup size (40I, 42H, 44G and 42F(DDD)). We will ALSO be offering D cups (38D, 40D, 42D, 44D, and 46D) due to the overwhelming requests from you to provide these sizes. Check out our new size chart below.

Building a team of awesome women.
Our team has also evolved as we have grown over the past year. Some of you may know that our former CPO left earlier in 2017 to pursue other ventures, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her involvement early on in the company’s infancy. Our Director of Innovation, Susan Banerjee, is focused on bringing you new product innovations using our patent-pending BAST system (aka…sports bras - we’re coming at ya!)
Susan is joined by our new Product Designer, Mariah Sanchez, who will continue to work on modern designs and styles based on your feedback and suggestions, so keep the ideas coming our way! Mariah’s goals for 2018: new t-shirt bras to match a variety of skin tones, new cup shapes, and guess what...sports! (can you tell what our new year’s resolution is?)
In addition to growing the product team, we have a new Customer Service Manager - Valerie Gauvain. She’s there to answer all of your fitting questions and help with any exchanges you would like to make.
Also - coming soon!!! We are excited for our new Director of Marketing to join the team. She will be starting in just a few weeks, later this January. (We’ll announce her soon!)
We are continuing to create our dream team and are ready more than ever to tackle 2018 and bring you the support and comfort you deserve.

Hearing from you.
We exist because of our customers, and that means you. We’re most excited for 2018 because we plan on doing a lot more outreach to our current and new customers. We are inspired by our conversations with you and are excited to keep building and supporting an amazing community of women.   

May you be inspired, enlightened, and motivated to live your best year yet.

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January 02, 2018 by Sophia Berman
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