How Many Bras Do I Need?

When it comes to bras, we are often asking ourselves, how many should I really have? There’s always that thought that you have too many or too few, but what is the right amount? It really depends on your lifestyle. How often are you wearing a “real bra”? What activities are you engaging in throughout the week? What are you wearing? All of these factors will affect the number of bras you may need in your wardrobe. We have given you some scenarios and things to consider when planning your bra drawer. 

Bra Styles Every Woman Should Have

Do you work in an office? What about a hospital? Or maybe you work from home? What you wear on a weekly basis is going to directly affect what bras you wear and how often you wear them. If you work in a business casual office, you will likely be wearing dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, which means you will probably be wearing a “real bra”...of course that is based on your preference. For this type of wardrobe, you will want something that is comfortable and that you can wear with everything - no fuss. This is the perfect opportunity to have a t-shirt bra and probably even more than one. You don’t want to wear the same bra every day because it will wear out too quickly, so it’s best to alternate your bras from day-to-day. 

Maybe you work in a more fashion-forward office or work from home/your favorite coffee shop. If that's the case then you might want to change up your outfits more often...because you can. Because of that, you might want to wear your go-to racerback tank top and jeans and the next you wear your best shirt dress. For instances like these, you will want to switch up your bra styles to go with your outfits. This will mean that you want to have a few different styles like a t-shirt bra (everyone needs at least one), a front closure/racerback bra, and perhaps you would want a bra with a touch of lace for something edgier when you are heading from work to happy hour. 

You can see where this is going. It all depends on how often you wear your bra. How often you switch bras. How long you’ve had your bra (which still depends on how often you wear it). How many styles you have or wear. You may only wear one style in which case you will need to have a few of them to choose from in your arsenal. The more variety you have, the more wear you actually get out of your bras because you have the opportunity to switch them up more often. You know what “they” say...Variety is the spice of life. 

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or reach out to our Bra Experts

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July 31, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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