How Often Should I Replace My Bra?

When should I get a new bra? This is a common thought of many women, but do we really know? There are so many factors that can affect when you need to get a new bra which we will go through in this post. 


When trying to decide if it’s time to get a new bra, the first thing you may ask yourself is - how long have I had this bra? If the answer is, years, then it might be time to get a new one. The general rule of thumb is that you need to replace your bras every 6 months to a year. Of course, this is a true blue way of knowing, so it’s important to look at other factors, as well. 


Does your bra still fit? How do I know? Once you figure out if your bra is still a comfortable fit, it’s then time to figure out what the issue might be. Is the issue that it’s stretched out because of its age? Maybe you have gained or lost weight and your breast size has simply changed. Whatever the issue, it’s probably time to get a new bra.


Do you wear the same bra every day? Do you constantly switch out your bras from day-to-day? The number of times you actually wear your bra every week will also affect how often you will need to get a new one. When you wear the same one or two bras every week, they will wear out a lot faster - which will be pretty obvious to you. Your straps will be looser, your band will start feeling really loose even on the tightest hook, your bra might have shrunk after so many washes, and you may also notice that your cups are slightly misshapen. 

Now, we all know that when it comes to shopping, even for a very functional item like your bra, need and want vary quite a bit. You may know when you need to get a new bra, but what about when you just want something new? When that happens, check out your lingerie drawer to see if you have something similar or need to add a style to your selection. 

Do you have a t-shirt bra? What about a versatile, convertible bra? How about a front-closure, racerback? The ultimate question really can be, is your bra comfortable? Is it as supportive as it can be? With a Trusst bra, you can truly have it all. We encourage you to try one and discover the difference. 

As always, we encourage you to give a Trusst a bra a try. We are happy to support you through our stellar Bra Experts, our Size Calculator (to help determine your best size), and our Bra PhD page for all the details about our bras. 

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July 17, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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