How To Put On My New Evie Bra

Do you struggle with putting your bra on? Well, Trusst is here to help solve that problem with the introduction of their first-ever front closure bra! The Evie makes the process of putting on a bra much simpler with its secure front-closing clasp. By clasping in the front, the Evie eliminates the need to hook your bra from behind.

Front closure bras all tend to hook differently in the front, so it is important to note that ours does clasp differently than what you might be used to. To put the Evie on, you will first unhook the clasp. The clasp should be pressed forward from the back of the clasp, snapped forward, and then pulled downward. Once you slip the bra over your arms, you will want to scoop your breasts into the cups and then secure the clasp. When securing the clasp you will want to note that is it must be clasped by using an upward motion. The clasp will need to be connected from the bottom. You will secure it in the reverse order of what you did when you unhooked the clasp. We know, we know, but once you get it clasped - you will experience all of the unbelievable benefits of our advanced bra technology

We have included a short tutorial to give you a visual on how to put on your Evie. We hope this helps!

If you have any other questions regarding our new Evie front-closure bra, our technology or sizing, please contact our team at

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July 22, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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