How to Tell if Your Bra is the Wrong Size

Bras can be mysterious things -- you think you’ve finally found the perfect one, only to discover that it’s digging into your ribcage, the cups are puckering, and/or your band keeps riding up. You can’t quite figure out what’s wrong, and you start to accept that maybe that’s just how your bra is supposed to fit. In the process, you slowly begin to give up on your personal comfort and compromise on support.

Thankfully, if your bra isn’t giving you the comfort you crave, it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause -- it probably means that you’re wearing the wrong size. Last month, we brought you our helpful Trusst bra fit/sizing guide, where we taught you how to properly measure your bra size at home using ours. We also discussed the fact that an estimated 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, meaning women all over the world are experiencing major discomfort at the hands of their lingerie.

At Trusst, we want to empower you to have control over your own personal comfort. Bra sizing is not an exact science (more on this to come later in the month!), and it’s not unusual to find a bra in your correct size that still doesn’t fit quite right. Today, we’re going in-depth to share the tell-tale signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size, and we’re explaining fixes to make it right.

Bra Cups

Your breasts should fill out your bra cups evenly and exactly. This applies no matter what position you’re in, be it standing, sitting up, lying down, or bending over. If your bra cups are too big or too small, they won’t support your breast tissue effectively, leading to discomfort throughout the day.

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Firstly, a cup size that’s too large may manifest itself in the form of a gap between your bra cup and breast. You may also experience wrinkling or puckering in your bra cups, as a cup size that’s too large can cause the fabric of your bra to bunch.

Fix: You can first try adjusting your bra straps to see if this alleviates the problem. However, it’s likely that you’ll need to go down a cup size in order to get a better fit. If only one of your bra cups is puckering, one of your breasts may be smaller than the other. In this case, use an insert to fill in the other cup.

Conversely, a cup size that’s too small may cause discomfort in the form of the dreaded. You may experience spillover around the top, sides, and/or bottom of your bra -- and that’s what we call the “Quadruple Boob."

Fix: Luckily, the quad-boob can be fixed relatively easily. Simply go up a cup size in order to get a better fit and maximize your comfort.

Handy note: Trusst bras are made using our patented bra support system, which consists of a flexible 3D polymer structure embedded within a foam cup. Because our bras don’t have pesky, poking underwires, Trusst bra cups may exhibit behavior similar to soft-cup bras in that they won’t tack on everyone, especially for those who have closer-set breasts.

Bra Straps

Your bra straps should fit comfortably and only carry about 20% of your breast weight. If your bra straps are too loose, then you may find them constantly slipping down your shoulders. Not only is this frustrating, but it also means that you’re probably not getting the support that your body deserves.

Fix: Try tightening your straps first. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then consider going down a band size to get a better fit.

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On the other hand, your bra straps may fit too tightly. This is most obviously demonstrated through straps that dig into your shoulders and that can even leave welts and/or marks on your skin. You may also be experiencing shoulder pain or soreness. This soreness occurs because your bra band is too small, causing it to ride up in the back and leave your bra straps responsible for supporting the majority of your breast weight. This causes your straps to dig into your shoulders and results in painful shoulder strain.

Fix: Too-tight bra straps may be rectified by simply loosening the straps. However, it’s more likely that you’ll need to purchase a bra with a smaller band size so that your breast weight can be evenly distributed.

Handy note: At Trusst, our revolutionary bra support technology system lifts over 80% of your breast weight and redistributes this away from your shoulders and evenly across your core. This means you won’t experience shoulder strain when wearing your Trusst bra; additionally, our bras are designed to stay in place and have wider, foam-cushioned straps to maximize comfort. Our newest bra, the Naomi convertible bra even comes with straps with four points of adjustment so that you can customize your perfect fit.

Bra Band

The fit of your bra band is perhaps most important when it comes to bra sizing, as it affects almost every aspect of your bra’s overall comfort and support. Your bra band should fit comfortably against your body and should sit parallel to the floor when lying against your back. Additionally, you should only be able to fit two fingers behind your bra band. You shouldn’t be experiencing any neck or back strain, as this suggests your bra band doesn’t fit right.

If your bra band fits too tightly, then, like your bra cups, it may also cause a spillover effect. You may see “back fat” around your bra area, but this isn’t back fat at all -- it just means that the band of your bra is too tight and is digging into your skin, causing it to bunch and bulge. Additionally, your bra band may fit too tightly if you’re fastening your bra band on the outermost hook and your bra still feels as though it’s straining or squeezing your ribcage.

Fix: Go up a band size!

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On the other hand, if your bra band is too big, it’ll ride up in the back and cause other problems, such as straps that slip down and a bra that just won’t seem to stay in place. Additionally, the center gore of your bra (the piece of fabric where the two cups meet) should stay put and sit flat against your chest. If raising your arms causes your bra to ride up, then this is a sign that your bra band -- and possibly even your cup size -- is too large. And if you find yourself constantly fastening your bra on the tightest hook and still facing these issues, then it’s time to lower your band size.

Fix: Go down a band size. This should also help with the overall fit of your bra, including that of your bra straps.

Handy note: As stated, Trusst bras are constructed to lift and support your breast weight evenly across your core. Our bras are also engineered to hug your body in all of the right places without being too tight or too loose, and our bands are designed to work together with our 3D bra support system to give you all-day support. The Naomi bra has a 3-hook band closure, while the Marjory t-shirt bra has a 4-hook closure for additional coverage. 

At Trusst, we engineer bras that lift, flatter, and support the plus-size woman all day, and we’ve spent years refining our technology so that it eliminates the common problems associated with traditional underwire bras. We know how hard it can be to find a bra that fits correctly, and we’re here to help you find your perfect-fitting bra.

Browse our online store to shop the Trusst selection, or make an appointment at our Pittsburgh Showroom to be expertly fitted and find your new favorite bra. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment -- our Bra Experts will help you find your correct size so that you can find a Trusst bra that supports you in all the ways you deserve!

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August 08, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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