How to Wash Your Bras Properly

As we often state, at Trusst, we design our bras to be the most comfortable and supportive bras for plus size women everywhere. We want your Trusst bra to be your favorite bra, and we know that your favorite bra is one that you’ll never want to take off. We also know that your favorite bra is one you will want to keep forever.

Proper bra care, including correct washing, is key to making your Trusst bra last longer. Although many women are aware that they should use the Delicate setting in order to keep bras intact, most of us don’t know how to wash our bras properly -- or how often to wash them. We want you to get the most out of your Trusst bra, so we wrote this guide to help illuminate how and when to wash your bra properly.

How to Hand-Wash Your Bra

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To maximize the longevity of your Trusst bra, we recommend hand washing. Fill a basin with cool water and add a small amount (about a teaspoon to a tablespoon) of mild detergent to it. Make sure to use cool water, as hot water can degrade the elastic in your bra over time. Submerge your bra and gently massage and swish it through the water for up to five minutes.

Next, rinse the bra off with cool water until there is no more soapy residue. Squeeze your bra gently to remove any excess water. Avoid twisting or wringing in order to protect the delicate fabric and preserve the integrity of your bra’s structure. Finally, blot your bra dry using a towel. You may also lay your bra out on top of a clean towel and then roll up the towel gently to further absorb any excess water.

How to Machine Wash Your Bra

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If you’re running low on time, you can machine wash your Trusst bra. However, machine washing is much harsher on its fabric and internal support system, and this can lead to the quicker deterioration of your bra over time.

To machine wash your bra, first fasten all of the hook-and-eye closures securely in order to keep them from snagging on other fabrics. Next, place the bra inside of a mesh lingerie bag. The bag will provide additional protection and prevent your bra from coiling and getting tangled when in the machine. Finally, wash your bra on your machine’s most delicate cycle using cold water and a mild detergent.

Drying Your Bra

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Regardless of how you wash your bra, never dry your Trusst bras in a dryer! The heat from the dryer will damage the elasticity of your bra, cause shrinking and fraying, and distort the BAST™ system. Instead, always lay your bra flat to dry -- you can either lay it on the surface of a towel or on a drying rack.

If you use a drying rack, make sure to hang your bras by the center gore (the front section of the bra that attaches the two cups together). Avoid hanging your bra by the straps; the weight of the wet bra will cause strain on them, and this can affect overall fit and support.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

There is no real definitive number for how often a woman should wash her bra -- according to a poll of over 6000 people conducted by the online publication, The Pool, only 6% of women wash their bra after one wear. 30% wash their bra after two, 37% wash their bras after a week’s worth of wears, and 27% wash their bra even less often than that.

We recommend washing your Trusst bra every three to five wears to keep it clean. Although the jersey lining in our bras lasts up to six times longer than regular cotton, over-washing your Trusst bra can degrade its elasticity and its internal support system over time.

That being said, how often you wash your bra is subjective, dependent largely on your level of physical activity and your own unique body, as well as seasonal and environmental conditions. You may need to wash your bra more often to get rid of dirt and odors in the summer months. Fortunately, Trusst bras are made from an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking jersey lining that is engineered to minimize boob sweat all day. That means you won’t have to worry about washing sweat or bacteria out of your bras during the hotter seasons!

Bra Storage Tips

In addition to taking care when washing your Trusst bras, it’s important to also store them properly in order to maximize their life span. We recommend laying your bras flat and lining them up in a drawer when storing them. If folded, the molded polymer cups in our BAST™ support system may lose their shape and structure over time.

Additionally, consider rotating out your bras every few days in order to preserve their elasticity and further extend their lifespan. If your favorite bra is the Naomi, then consider the Marjory for a sleek, T-shirt soft finish. Alternating the bras that you wear will make them last longer -- and give you the opportunity to wear different styles!

At Trusst, we are dedicated to making bras that are not only supportive and comfortable but also unparalleled in their reliability. Our products are engineered to last, and we want to make sure that your Trusst bra is a bra that will lift you up in every way. If you’re ready to find your new favorite, then visit us at our Pittsburgh headquarters or shop our online store today!

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