I'm In-Between Sizes...Now What?

We’ve all been there, you try on one bra size and it’s just a little too small, so you try the next size up only to find out that it is too big. What do you do in this scenario? The best rule of thumb when trying on anything (even clothing) is to size up. There’s not much you can do when something is too small, but usually when something is too big, you can make some slight adjustments to help.

Let’s give you some helpful things to look for when it comes to your bra being too small or too big, so that you have a starting point.

Too Small?

  • Quadboob - Your breasts are overflowing out of the top of the cup.
  • Pinching or Pulling - If the band is too tight, you will notice some pinching causing you to be pulling on your bra all day. No one wants that!
  • Side Boob - Similar to quadboob, this is when you will notice some extra boob or skin coming out on the side of your bra.
  • Shoulder Dents - When your straps are too tight (even on the loosest setting), it can mean that your bra band is too tight. This can also be caused by years of wearing unsupportive underwire bras.

Too Big?

  • Gaping/Puckering - When your bra cup is too big, you will notice some gaping or puckering of the fabric in the front of your bra. That is simply because your bra is not sitting flush against your chest.
  • Riding Up - Sometimes when your bra is too big, you will notice that your band rides up because it doesn’t fit the way it should.
  • Empty Cups - If your breasts don’t completely fill the cups and you have a lot of room in there, then the cup is too big.

When you are in between sizes or perhaps you have asymmetrical breasts (one bigger than the other), you will need to be more mindful of your size. When it comes to asymmetrical breasts, you will also want to size up to fit the larger breast. Depending on how much bigger the one size is, you might have to fill the other side with an insert. You want to make sure that everything fits as well and as comfortable as possible. If that means you have to go up a size - it’s okay. It’s truly not the size that matters, but rather the fit and feel. When you DO find your size, do you know how much weight you are carrying in your bra? We can tell you. (Check back every week for more size/weight reveals!)

At Trusst, we encourage you to try 2 different sizes for the style that you are interested in. For example, if our Size Calculator tells you that you should be wearing a size 36E, we would recommend that you also try a 36F - just so you know for sure and don’t have to do a lot of back and forth with exchanging. Returns and exchanges are always free, so there’s really no risk in trying both sizes to get it right the first time around. As always, if you need additional help, our Bra Experts are here to guide you. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, make an appointment and come by our showroom to try one on in person.

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May 15, 2019 by Trusst Brands


Patti Melodini

Patti Melodini said:

A suggestion-it would be helpful if your company made videos to post on your website showing how to adjust the 4 points that can be used for the best fit Thanks!


Betty DALTON said:

The info about asymmetrical fit was very helpful. Thank you.

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