Is My Bra Too Small or Too Big?

A time-honored question that all women ask themselves when trying on bras. Is my bra too small or too big? Or perhaps, is it just right? Sometimes you truly don’t know whether your bra actually fits you or is too big or small. The big question do I know? What clues can I look for that will help me answer this question? Well, we are here to help you with all of your bra sizing questions.

Is My Bra Too Small?

Have you ever experienced the dreaded quadboob? How about side boob? Or pinching bands? All of these can be signs that your bra is too small.


When your bra is too small, you can experience what is commonly known as “quadboob”. This is when you have significant overflow of your cups on top, causing you to look like have more than just the two boobs. No one wants that! The best solution is to go up a cup size.

“Side Boob”

If you are someone who has some extra skin or cushion on your side, you may find that you have some overflow that does not quite fit in the actual cup. What can you do? Either try sizing up one cup size to provide some more room OR simply get yourself one of our Naomi: The Essential bras which provide extra side coverage with a mesh panel built right into the bra. No fussing with or fighting side boob anymore!

“Pinching and Pulling”

Besides small cups, your band could also be to blame. When wearing your bra, does your band rub, pinch, or scratch you? This could mean that your band is too tight. Another telltale sign that your band is too small is if it is riding up in the back. Your band should always be parallel to the floor. Make sure you always start out with your band on the loosest (last) hook and work your way in when the bra starts to stretch.

Is My Bra Too Big?

As there are obvious signs that your bra is too small, there are the same signs that will tell you when your bra is too big. For instance, have you noticed gaping in the front or side of the cups? Do your breasts fill the entire depth of the cup? Can you fit more than two fingers in your band?


Ever notice puckering when you put on your bra? Usually, when your bra cup is too large, you will see some gaping and puckering of the fabric in your cup. This happens because your breasts do not fully fill the cup. To fix this, you will simply need to go down a cup size.

“Bottom Spillage”

When your band is too big/loose and your breasts aren’t secure underneath. You may find that your bra starts to slide up in the front causing your breasts to start coming out underneath. This usually means your band is too big and you need to go down a size.

“Empty Cups”

If your breasts do not fully fill in the depths of the cup, you will notice that the cup is slightly misshapen. You will be able to pinch the tip of the cup fabric. If this is the case for you, your cups are too big. You would be wise to size down.

“Loose Band”

If your band is too big, you will notice a lot of moving and gaping of your bra. You should not be able to fit more than two fingers under your bra band. The best way to figure out your correct band size is to measure your underbust. Your measurements are directly correlated to the size of your band. For example, if your underbust measures at a 35, you would need a 36 band. Always size up when in-between traditional band sizes.

Is My Bra “Just Right”?

If you have found your perfect fit, you will notice a few things. Your cups cover everything that needs covering with no spillage in the front or sides. Your straps feel secure, but aren’t digging into your shoulders. Your band is on the loosest set of hooks and you can fit two fingers underneath the band comfortably. Your band should feel snug, but not tight. Once you have all of these boxes checked off, you can enjoy the ease and comfort of your new favorite bra

These simple and time-honored signs will help to guide you in the right direction. In order to find your true Trusst bra size, we recommend using our Size Calculator. If you still need some extra help or guidance, please feel free to email to talk to one of our Bra Experts.

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August 09, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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