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With the launch of our newest product, the Evie Front-Closure bra, there are some things you should know about how this new style fits. For starters, it is a mesh racerback style, with a clasp in the front, and a wider band for more coverage. Because this style is a front-closure, it is important to get the fit and sizing right. (Of course, it's always important to get the right size.)

The first thing to get right with the fit is the band size. Due to this bra being a front-closure, you will want the band to fit tight and secure under your bust. If the band fits correctly, you will not experience issues with it riding up in the back, spillage under the breast, or an uncomfortable feeling from the support structure. An ill-fitting band can cause these issues, therefore it is super important to understand and recognize the signs.

Just like finding the best size in our other styles, we suggest using our Find My Size feature on our website. This size calculator will give you a better idea of what size you would be in the Evie and other Trusst bras. We usually suggest going up in the cup from the size you are currently wearing. If it is possible for you to order a couple of sizes, we would suggest trying doing this to cut down on the back and forth of returning and exchanging. 

If you own other bras from Trusst, there are similarities in the fit. For instance, if you are a 38F in the Naomi convertible bra, you would be a 38F in the Evie front-closure bra as well. However, the Evie neckline is slightly lower than the Naomi bra. If you have a fuller upper breast, you may want to try sizing up in the cup to avoid spillage. 

Once the correct fit is achieved in both the band and cup you will feel supported, comfortable and secure in this front-closure bra. Say goodbye to straining your back trying to clasp the hooks from behind. The Evie provides both function and support. 

If you have any questions on finding the right fit in the new Evie Front-Closure Bra, we suggest reaching out to our Bra Experts at

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July 15, 2019 by Trusst Brands



Patti said:

I just tried my Evie on. I am usually a 40 or 42 G, but as you wrote in the blog above I may need a bigger cup so I sent an email to Support for a return sticker to exchange it for the 42 H. I’m curious though. What are sister sizes for 42 G?


Trusst said:

Hi, Patti! Thanks for your comment. The sister sizes for a 42G are a 40H, 38I, or 44F. Any of these sizes would be roughly the same cup volume. We hope this helps! Best, Trusst

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