My Bra Is Too Small. Now What?

Wearing a bra that is too small (or too big) for you can be almost as bad as wearing something that just plain doesn’t work. It can cause more problems, like aching back and shoulders, chafing, and shoulder dents. We already gave you an overview of signs to look for when it comes to bra sizing issues, but we will go even deeper now to look at what it means when your bra is too small.

As long as you know the signs to look for, you will be prepared to course correct and get into the right size for you.

Signs Your Bra Is Too Small

“Quadboob” - When your bra is too small, you can experience what is commonly known as “quadboob”. This is when you have significant overflow of your cups on top, causing you to look like have more than just the ones you have. No one wants that! The best solution is to go up a cup size.

“Side Boob” - If you are someone who has some extra skin or cushion on your side, you may find that you have some overflow that does not quite fit in the actual cup. What can you do? Either try sizing up one cup size to provide some more room OR simply get yourself one of our Naomi: The Essential bras which provide extra side coverage with a mesh panel built right into the bra. No fussing with or fighting side boob anymore!

“Pinching and Pulling”- Besides small cups, your band could also be to blame. When wearing your bra, does your band rub, pinch, or scratch you? This could mean that your band is too tight. Another telltale sign that your band is too small is if it is riding up in the back. Your band should always be parallel to the floor. Make sure you always start out with your band on the loosest (last) hook and work your way in when the bra starts to stretch.

“Riding Up” - This can happen in both your band and cups. If you notice that your band is riding up in the back, that could mean that your bra is too small or your straps are too tight. This can also cause the band to ride up in the front causing your breasts to fall underneath.

“Red Marks/Chafing” - Often times if you are wearing the wrong bra size, you will notice that you have red marks on your shoulders (where your straps lay) and on your band line. When your bra is small, it’s going to be tight which can cause rubbing and indentations in your skin.

“Aches and Pains” - Sometimes when your bra is too small, you will also notice that you are experiencing some pain in your shoulders, back, and even your ribs. Just know, this should not be happening with a bra in the correct size and fit. 

How The Right Size Bra Should Fit

Now that you know the signs of your bra being too small, let’s talk through how to ensure that you get into the correct size.

First things first, you will need to know your measurements (bust and band). If you don’t know them, you will need to measure yourself with a tape measure. Our helpful Size Calculator will take those measurements and calculate your size based on them. Once you have your size (we suggest that you order the size recommended by the calculator and a size up to avoid having to return or exchange - both of which are free) make sure that your bra fits the way it’s supposed to by following these helpful tips.

Cups - When your bra fits you correctly, the cups will lay flush against the curvature of your breasts covering everything in the front and on the sides (depending on the style of bra). You should not see any overflow or gaping.

Band - Your band should lay flat against your back and be parallel to the floor. It should not feel too tight or loose - it should feel comfortable and snug.

Straps - Your straps should lay flat and feel secure, but not so tight that they are digging into your shoulders. Most bras adjust so if you can adjust your straps to be comfortable that will work. If not, and your straps are either too tight or falling off, then your bra is the wrong size.

In addition to our Size Calculator, you can also reach out to our Bra Experts for additional sizing and fit help. If you are in the Pittsburgh PA area, you can even make an appointment to come into our showroom for a fitting. Stay tuned all this month for more about sizing and fit info!

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May 08, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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