Trusst Bras Fight Boob Sweat

Every woman has (probably) experienced boob sweat in the throws of the hot summer months. It’s even more of a nuisance if you have larger breasts because there is much more friction between your boobs and torso. It’s the absolute worst feeling to be standing out in the heat (not even moving) trying to enjoy a concert or hang out with friends and feel that drip coming down your stomach or back. It’s distracting and just feels gross! Who wants to deal with that when you’re already dealing with everything else?

You probably also know that there are hundreds of products and hacks to combat the dreaded boob sweat. Anything from rolling on deodorant under your boobs, tucking a cami underneath your breasts, stuffing tissues under them or spending money on specific products (that don't usually work) made to help the sweat. The great news no longer have to deal with bags and bags of products, now all you need is a Trusst bra.

How Does it Work?

You may be wondering how a bra can help with boob sweat and we are here to tell you. As you may already know, the women of Trusst, are problem solvers. When developing our bras, we took into account many of the problems that plus size women encounter with their bras - and worked toward solving as many as we could. What does that mean for boob sweat? We found a treated jersey fabric that contains wicking and anti-microbial properties. Wicking fabrics are typically used in sports apparel because they redistribute sweat so that you can’t feel it. This helps to keep you dry and comfortable. The anti-microbial treatment keeps you fresh by preventing the germs that can come from sweating all day. The long and short of it is, you won’t even notice that you’re sweating until you take off your Trusst bra! It’s a must-have for summer, but comes in handy for any other occasion that causes you to perspire.

Also, the same fabric is used to line the inside of all of our panties. Bonus!

Now is the perfect time to get your hands on this incredible bra technology - everything on the site is 25% off for a limited time. We encourage you to find your size by using our size calculator but if you would like to talk to one of Bra Experts, you can email us too!

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June 06, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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