Redefining Beauty: Meet Brittany

In April, we held a model casting call at our Pittsburgh Showroom where we met the lovely Brittany. She came in because she was interested in our bras, but also interested in giving modeling a try. We are sure glad she did! Her confidence is inspiring and her bubbly personality is contagious - just what we love to see!

To hear more from Brittany, keep reading.

redefining beauty meet brittany

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is appreciating all that I am and all that I am striving to be. The moment I realized that there is beauty in my smile as well as my tears, I began to glow. Diamonds need pressure to form. You owe it to yourself to love you and be you. No one else can. Just ask your DNA!

What does being comfortable mean to you and your life?

Comfort, to me, means stability when handling life’s responsibilities. However, when relaxing, comfort is me in my living room lit by natural light, the glow and scent of a sweet-smelling candle, on my couch, in my pjs, warmed by my favorite charcoal colored blanket, watching Living Single reruns or listening to R&B.

How did you discover Trusst?

Good friend of mine posted Trusst’s Casting Call ad to my Facebook wall.

What is your favorite thing about Trusst and/or the products?

I love that Trusst is created by women, for women! Who knows a woman, better than another woman? I love the attention to detail and the desire to get it right.

What do you do on a daily basis? What builds your confidence?

I pray, listen to music, dance, and chat with my close friends! I have been building my confidence by digging at the root of low self-esteem through therapy, repeating verbal affirmations, and taking risks.

Why did you choose this spot for your photograph? What does it mean for your life/lifestyle and you?

My pictures are not about the location. They are about the fact that I posed for them and loved them! I finally saw the Brittany that has been fighting to get through. The Brittany that’s been screaming: “Forget the world’s fleeting, unreliable, ever-changing standards. You’re pretty, beautiful, and sexy! Stop wasting time! Walk in your amazingness!”


Trusst was founded by women who challenged the traditional stereotypes of bra design - through engineering, physics, and product design that is not typically seen in the lingerie industry. However, that passion for challenge extends further than just through design; it resonates in the way you live your life as well as the way you perceive yourself and others around you.

We will continue to share stories of other women like Brittany who are redefining beauty. And we welcome you to share yours as well! Email us at or share photos and tag us with #trusstyourself and #redefiningbeauty and we’ll feature you in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for all of YOUR support of our brand and mission - we wouldn’t be here without you.

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Christina said:

Brittany is beautiful inside and out!

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