Redefining Beauty: Meet Jessica P.

Jessica P. found out about Trusst when she read an article shared on social media highlighting the brand being based in Pittsburgh. She had been on a quest to invest in a better support system for her breasts but had been wary about some of the online bra companies; bra shopping has always been either a choice between cost, comfort, and looks. Then Jessica found Trusst - loved the mission, and the fact that the products actually arrive and perform as they are depicted. Jessica said that with Trusst, she does not have to sacrifice comfort, style, or money. Her store-bought bras forced her to choose.

Jessica is part of our Redefining Beauty campaign - challenging the traditional perceptions of what beauty is and what it stands for. To redefine beauty means to express yourself - however it resonates to you in your life.


Meet Jessica P.


Hear more from our interview with Jessica:  

Trusst: How have Trusst bras changed your life?

Jessica: I wear my Trusst bras on the days of the week that I know I will be bending over a lot at work or driving for long periods of time. The reason is, I keep the racerback in and it acts as a support system for my bad posture as well. On the long days where I know my other bras cannot stand up to the job (no pun intended), I count on my Trusst bra.

Trusst: What do you feel defines beauty for you?

Jessica: The feeling of not judging yourself or others. Our heads buzz around with thoughts of inadequacy all day long, the moment that you fall in sync with yourself and love yourself in the moment….that is beauty. The feeling of being ok in your skin, in the moment, is a feeling I never take for granted. I feel the definition of beauty also changes as I age. As I get older beauty seems to fall in categories that provoke a feeling of comfort in existence rather than a look.

Trusst: What do you do on a daily basis? (aka - what builds YOUR confidence?)

Jessica: I had been sick for a few years battling an illness. Going through that has changed how I build myself up and how I try to attain a few moments of self-confidence daily. I try to be as kind to myself as possible and do activities that contribute to building me up vs tearing me down. My body has changed with the illness so I had to accommodate too. I try to do some form of exercise and stretching daily along with practicing patience when my body isn’t cooperating.

I have a 7-year-old daughter that watches me primp and prep in the mirror and I am extremely conscious of how I refer to myself when she is around so I ensure I only mutter kindness even when I might want to say “look at that fat roll.” I feel confident when she feels confident!

Outside of thinking about my body image and trying to be an awesome mom, I love live music, large events, and desserts! I have a massive sweet tooth! By day I am a market manager for offline retail for Amazon and we own a photo booth business as well.


Trusst was founded by women who challenged the traditional stereotypes of bra design - through engineering, physics, and product design that is not typically seen in the lingerie industry. However, that passion for challenge extends further than just through design; it resonates in the way you live your life as well as the way you perceive yourself and others around you.

We will continue to share stories of other women like Jessica who are redefining beauty. And we welcome you to share yours as well! Email us at or share photos and tag us with #trusstyourself and #redefiningbeauty and we’ll feature you in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for all of YOUR support of our brand and mission - we wouldn’t be here without you.

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