Redefining Beauty: Meet Susan B.

Our last employee feature came from Bre and this week we are super excited to introduce you to one of Trusst’s longest reigning employees, Susan. To say Susan was and is a huge part of Trusst, is an understatement. She has done almost every job possible, but her current and main role is as Director of Innovation. As you will find out below, she worked with our founder, Sophia, to invent Trusst’s patented bra support technology. She is also the woman working tirelessly to develop more innovative products to add to our assortment - so much awesome stuff coming your way!

To hear more from Susan, keep reading.

redefining beauty

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty is science and science is everywhere. Science is the heart of beauty.

Beauty is when you have synergy and equilibrium with the world around you.

Beauty is a balance of perfection and imperfection.  

What is your favorite thing about Trusst and/or products?

My favorite thing about Trusst is having this amazing opportunity to have our innovative ideas come to life.  I’m really excited for the new products coming to you in 2020! The bonus is to work with our amazing team that has the best of both creative and technical worlds.  I love that we can bounce off ideas from different perspectives and come up with several possible solutions. I totally love our brainstorming sessions.

What does being comfortable mean to you and your life? 

For me, being comfortable is a result of many milestone achievements throughout my life.  I’m proud to share with you that this year marks my 10-year’s anniversary of walking commencement for my doctorate in chemistry concentrated in nanochemistry research. I did not know 10 years ago that I would be working for Trusst, and be a co-inventor of Trusst’s patented Breast Advanced Support Technology. It brings me such comfort knowing that our technology truly works and provides so much comfort and support to thousands of women around the world.  

Why did you choose this place to be photographed? 

I love animal prints. Who doesn’t? I really want a leopard printed bra and panty set for Trusst!  Who’s with me! Tell me if you are in love with this idea too in the comments below ☺ ONE DAY THIS WILL HAPPEN. *fingers crossed*

How have Trusst bras changed your life? 

When I joined Trusst, my daughter Olivia was an infant and I was still nursing and pumping.  I nursed and pumped for 19 months!  My breast shape and nipple have changed significantly post pregnancy and post nursing.  I’m sure you all can imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I was able to provide for my baby girl for such a long time, but at the same time I do feel self-conscious about my current situation and appearance. Trusst bras have changed my life. I have the lift and support I desperately needed without getting a boob lift.


Trusst was founded by women who challenged the traditional stereotypes of bra design - through engineering, physics, and product design that is not typically seen in the lingerie industry. However, that passion for challenge extends further than just through design; it resonates in the way you live your life as well as the way you perceive yourself and others around you.

We will continue to share stories of other women like Susan who are redefining beauty. And we welcome you to share yours as well! Email us at or share photos and tag us with #trusstyourself and #redefiningbeauty and we’ll feature you in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for all of YOUR support of our brand and mission - we wouldn’t be here without you.

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