Redefining Beauty: Meet Tamron L.

As part of our Board of Trusstees, Tamron L. is a powerful voice that has so much to offer the rest of the Trusst Community. She is a military wife, mother, cancer-survivor and so much more. Her story is inspiring and we are thrilled to have found each other! 

To hear more from Tamron, keep reading. 

redefining beauty

What does beauty mean to you?

I believe that everyone has their very own special unique qualities that make them who they are. This is beauty to me. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We’re all fearfully and wonderfully made! These unique qualities come together to form your very own beauty. Beauty is loving yourself, being confident in your own unique qualities. And not letting anyone or anything question it! 

What does being comfortable mean to you and your life! 

Being comfortable to me means having the inner peace and confidence knowing that you are on the road to your purpose. Having faith in that all things are working out for your good. Being happy and at peace in your own skin and confident with your style! 

How did you discover Trusst? 

I discovered Trusst on Instagram. I was amazed that they had my size. It’s so hard for me to find my correct size bra in stores. I don’t know if it’s a popular size and all the women snatch them up before I come. Lol! So I’m either left with getting a bra that’s too big or too small. Which causes horrible shoulder pain for me. If you don’t have the right bra you’re going to have some problems! 

What is your favorite thing about the Trusst brand and/or the products? 

Well, first it’s a company created by a woman for women! You can’t get any better than that right? Which means the brand understands what issues a woman can run into in the bra department. The support of the bra is everything, I mean they hold them bad boys up with no problem! I’m able to feel comfortable in my bra and don’t have to worry about having four breasts, or shoulder pain, and don’t have to feel as if I’m fixing my bra every five minutes. Plus boob sweat is non-existent! 

What do you do on a daily basis? What builds your confidence? 

I am a woman of many hats. I am a wife to a veteran of 12 years and counting, mother of four, two boys and two girls, who works two jobs and a blogger/influencer. A mouth full right? But I love how my life is going and I’m so grateful to be alive and well. I am a 12 year and counting peritoneal mesothelioma cancer survivor! I was the tender age of 21 when I was diagnosed and actually one of the youngest to have that type of cancer. But I thank God for making me a miracle and healing me so I can share my testimony with others. My blog I share my lifestyle with my audience, from marriage, family, inspiration, and fashion. I believe that everyone has a God-given purpose in life and that one of my purposes is to inspire women by giving them hope with my testimony, and sharing my life, and my light!

What builds my confidence is being comfortable with who I am, loving myself in my own skin and having a style of my own. 

redefining beauty

Trusst was founded by women who challenged the traditional stereotypes of bra design - through engineering, physics, and product design that is not typically seen in the lingerie industry. However, that passion for challenge extends further than just through design; it resonates in the way you live your life as well as the way you perceive yourself and others around you.

We will continue to share stories of other women like Tamron who are redefining beauty. And we welcome you to share yours as well! Email us at or share photos and tag us with #becauseoftrusst and #redefiningbeauty for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for all of YOUR support of our brand and mission - we wouldn’t be here without you.

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Samuel said:

This is my wife and I love everything about her……❤️

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