Redefining Beauty with Rachel M.

I met Rachel at my previous job - she was doing an HR type role at the time and then moved into a Culture role because if you knew her, you would understand why. She is one of the nicest and warmest people you will ever meet. Following her story on social media has been both heartbreaking and also incredibly inspiring. I can honestly say she is one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. 

To hear more from our interview with Rachel, read on. 

How do you emotionally support yourself and/or others? 

When I start to feel especially stressed I am usually either spending too much time alone or spreading myself too thin, so I look to reset and find balance. In those times, I’ll try to observe if I need to slow down (meditate, take a long walk, etc.) or speed things up (have friends over for games, check out whatever events might be happening around town, etc.) I try to also to regularly check in with friends and, ideally, hop on a phone call or FaceTime. Texting can be great, but there’s just a little something extra special about hearing/seeing your loved ones. I always find myself smiling ear to ear when I hang up!

What makes you feel the most supported? 

I know people have mixed feelings about social media, but it has been really key in helping me get through these crazy times. Knowing that I have so many people rooting for me is powerful stuff. Also the genuine offers for help, whatever help that might be.  

What is a daily struggle for you? How do you overcome it? (If you answered these above, no need to answer them again) 

I struggle constantly with recurrence anxiety. People think that when cancer treatment ends, everything just magically snaps back into place and the survivor is left filled with some unwavering sense of joy for having been given a second chance. The truth is, yes, most of us have a deeper appreciation for life, however, we are also utterly terrified and can become paralyzed by that fear. I do my best to overcome this by focusing on today. Today I am well. Today I feel good. Maybe I won’t tomorrow, but I have today. 

redefining beauty

Tell us about your bra story. How has Trusst changed that for you?

After the cancer returned the second time, I had to get a mastectomy. Every woman’s circumstances and decisions are extremely personal and unique; I opted for a unilateral (single) mastectomy, leaving my left breast intact. Most bras, even the ones designed for women with mastectomies, are built with two cups to fit implants or prosthetics. I feel very comfortable being asymmetrical so I prefer to not use a “falsie”. This basically leaves me with a sports bra and bralette options. My remaining breast is a D cup, so it’s not the cutest look. I have been working with a seamstress to design some custom options which will (hopefully) celebrate my new body and make me feel sexy. Sadly, I am in a growing demographic so I’d love to see some of the mainstream bra companies offer more options for women like me trying to rock what they’ve got!

Describe yourself in 5 words. (If you answered these above, no need to answer them again)






When do you feel most beautiful and confident? 

When I stop thinking about what others might think of me. 

Anything else you want us to know? Share away! 

I hope that all women realize how beautiful and magical they are no matter how they look. Your worth is not measured by your hair, your cleavage, your cellulite, your fat/flat booty, or anything about your looks. Would you stop loving your friends/family if they looked different or less than perfect? I’m guessing no because that would be silly. So allow yourself to accept that they love you with this same grace and then begin to think of yourself as your own best, self-loving, self-cheering friend! 

If you are or someone you know has had to deal with Breast Cancer, we want to hear your stories! Please reach out to us through or find us on social media. We look forward to hearing and sharing your stories. 

October 09, 2019 by Trusst Brands


Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman said:

Rachael’s comments were worth reading and opened my eyes about the bra issue after a single mastectomy.

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