Redefining Beauty With Trusst Founder, Sophia Berman

This week, in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day coming up, we are featuring our founder, Sophia, as part of our Redefining Beauty series. Not only is Sophia our fearless leader and inspiration - challenging the traditional perceptions of what beauty is and what it stands for as she builds the Trusst brand and technology - but she’s also a new mom. We sat down with her to talk about motherhood, how she is redefining beauty, and what she wishes for her daughter as she grows.

Keep reading to hear Sophia’s story:

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What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means so many new things to me now that I’m a mom. It is an amazing feeling to love someone so unconditionally and feel someone so much a part of your whole being. I wake up every day grateful for the experience of not only motherhood, but also for the opportunity to continue to grow and learn more about myself. It is a beautiful thing to be able to create and recreate yourself through every stage of life. Beauty is synonymous with learning more about who you are, changing and growing, and sharing this with others.

What is your favorite thing about Trusst and/or products?

What I love most about the Trusst brand is its unique ability to connect with our customers. I founded this company to solve a huge problem that so many women face on a daily basis - and to me, problem-solving is also a definition of beauty.

Always have confidence that you will be successful in your passions, because you got this. We went through hundreds of prototypes to develop our technology, and we are still continuing to improve our products based on experience and customer feedback. Perfection is not something you reach overnight – it takes time. There is beauty in the imperfection - I’d rather have fun learning and enjoying the process of design and creation.

What does being comfortable mean to you and your life?

Comfort to me literally means a super cozy outfit - my favorite leggings and a big soft sweater.

Why did you choose this place to be photographed?

This is a photograph of me with my daughter, Alina Rae. I took it candidly as I was breast-feeding her in her room. It is such an amazing experience to be able to give to another person, especially one that I created! I’m still in awe every day that she is here and she is so beautiful.

How have Trusst bras changed your life?

They have changed the whole way I live my life. I love the products and technology, I love the brand and everything we stand for, and I love the people who work beside me.

Last - as a new mom - what do you wish for your daughter as she grows up?

Alina is so lucky to be growing up with so many influential women in her life. My sisters and best friends from high school and college are such amazing examples of extraordinary, successful and talented women, who shower her with so much unconditional love and support. My wish for Alina is that she grows into a confident, quirky, and independent woman.


Trusst was founded by women who challenged the traditional stereotypes of bra design - through engineering, physics, and product design that is not typically seen in the lingerie industry. However, that passion for challenge extends further than just through design; it resonates in the way you live your life as well as the way you perceive yourself and others around you.

We will continue to share stories of other women like Sophia who are redefining beauty. And we welcome you to share yours as well! Email us at or share photos and tag us with #trusstyourself and #redefiningbeauty and we’ll feature you in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for all of YOUR support of our brand and mission - we wouldn’t be here without you.

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