So You're A 38E...What Does That Even Mean?

So you measured yourself using our Size Calculator, maybe tried on a few bras, read all about how your bra is supposed to fit correctly - and you have determined you wear a size 38E. Great! But what does that actually mean? Trusst is based on science and technology, and we’re always fascinated with problem-solving and learning new things. We thought it would be fun to put together some interesting data and facts around this 38E number so that you can really get to know your size - because it’s not just a’s a lifestyle.

Cup Volume

As a 38E your breasts weigh about 4 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to carry around! Good thing you have Trusst’s bra support technology to do the heavy lifting and take the pressure off your back and shoulders. We put together a few comparisons to this number to show exactly how much weight you’re carrying around every day:

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Band Size + Sister Sizing

Trusst bands fit true to your underbust measurement, which means that you measure within a range of 36.5-38.5 inches. As you have probably learned by now, your band should fit snugly (but not too tight!) and should lay parallel to the floor. If it is too loose and riding up, it might be time to size down in the band. This methodology of sharing sizes is called “sister sizing.” Each sister size has the same cup volume but is called something different. 

The cup volume of a size 38E is also the same as a 40D, which is also the same as a 36F(DDD). So if the cup volume works for you, but the band feels too tight, you might want to try out a 40D. Vice versa - if the band feels too loose, you might want to size down in the band but up in the cup. Here are the Trusst sister sizes to your size 38E: 40D, 36F(DDD), and 34G.

Our Favorite 38E Bra

Our favorite 38E bra  is the Evie, because it features a silver front-closure detail with a demi neckline. It also has maximum strap adjustability, with a wider side-band that wraps around the fully mesh racerback. The mesh is lightweight and breathable, plus gives you a smooth finish.

Still have questions about your size? Email us at and our Bra Experts will gladly speak with you about your bra options or help you with fit advice. Love your Trusst bra? Leave us a review or tag us @trusstbrands with #trusstyourself or #trusststories. We can’t wait to hear from you!

July 31, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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