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And we have a winner! Meet our awesome first recipient of the Support Her campaign!

Posted on January 24 2017

Meet Brenda! Trusst’s first Support Her winner. Brenda was nominated by her long-time friend Leslie Johnson. Brenda and Leslie are from Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Trusst team was touched by Brenda’s long term devotion to her family, her community service, and her awesome jewelry making talents. Leslie writes, “Brenda can best be summed up as a survivor. She moves forward and refuses to dwell on the shortcomings of the past. She just does the best that she can. I am lucky to share a friendship with her.”

Brenda is the current office manager and shipping manager at Terra Studios. Terra Studios is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and the home of the Bluebird of Happiness. Terra Studios’ mission is to promote art and inspire creativity.  


Brenda is also an artist.  She takes her husband’s broken glass scraps and fashions beautiful jewelry from them and sells them in the gift shop at Terra Studios. Each piece is one of a kind! 


Leslie tells us that Brenda works long hours and is moving constantly. Being fuller busted makes her days even harder. Trying to find a bra that both fits and supports has been a difficult task, and being able to afford a bra in her size is always a struggle. With the high cost and lack of insurance, breast reduction surgery is an impossibility.


The Trusst team surprised Brenda last week and told her she was nominated by Leslie and our first Support Her winner. Brenda was so excited! She shared with us that she has always struggled with finding the bra with the perfect fit, and felt that she has tried it all. She has been fitted from almost every bra carrying company from Dillards to the Bust Stop in Tulsa, OK. “Most underwire bras are just flimsy and pretty, but you need pretty and strong to hold up what feels like 20 pounds of weight!” she says. "The Trusst bra is well engineered to do the job."


Thank you Leslie for introducing us to Brenda! We cannot wait to hear back from Brenda about her new Trusst bra. This is the first week of our Support Her campaign and we are receiving nominations from all over the US. Our Support Her campaign will run until the end of June 2017, and we will be featuring one woman each week. Stay tuned and #SupportHer!

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