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Support Her Winner #2 - Ori Appelbaum

Posted on January 31 2017

Please meet Ori Appelbaum, an artist from Folsom, California.  She was nominated by her wonderful daughter, Jessi Borlase.  We here at Trusst loves hearing about women supporting other women and celebrating all body types as a work of art.

Jessi’s Nomination Story:

Growing up I remember my mother while bra shopping would always say, "Jessi I pray you don't have big breasts like mine when you're older " and like any teen I would laugh at her or roll my eyes. I think now of how incredibly awful that is. Everyone's body should be celebrated and the fact that my mom knew how hard of a time I would have if I inherited her size 36 G breasts is heartbreaking. My mom had always struggled with insecurity over here cup size and had always had severe back and shoulder pain. She has still to this day never owned a bra that she felt even slightly comfortable in. My mother is in all ways a supportive, brave, and loving woman that was blessed with some large breasts and I would love to see her put on a bra that makes her feel confident and secure and beautiful. My mother has always taught the women in our family that our bodies are works of art and we should never be ashamed of them. So to think that my beautiful mother hides her body and is in pain over her own work of art makes me believe that she absolutely deserves to feel the same support that myself and the women I know feel every day.

The Trusst team connected with Ori this past weekend, and told her she won! Ori told us this is the first time she heard of Trusst and was very excited to try us out! We asked her about her art and she told us during the holiday, she paints these fun festive holiday window paintings.


Ori sent us a letter expressing her happiness,  “I am very grateful for my daughter Jessi that she have thought of me enough to enter me in a contest for a good bra! She has known over the years how much I have a problem finding the right one that is supportive. When I had children my breasts got very large, and after breastfeeding they shrunk which I was happy about until they started sagging! I started using an AB slide, which helped for my boobs and lift them an inch or more! I still have a problem finding a supportive bra.  Right now I have a beautiful one that works, but when I went shopping to get tops they didn't look right... Because I'm still sagging! I am so excited about trying the bra from Trusst Lingerie! And have been talking with them so they can get the precise size and help me with this problem! Thank you very very much to my daughter Jessi and to the creators of this bra and the staff!” Sincerely Ori Appelbaum of Folsom California

We are honored to support Ori!  We will pick another women next week.  If your nomination didn’t get picked this time, they are still in the pool to be drawn for next week. Nominations are still open and we will be featuring another woman next week. Don’t delay, #SupportHer today!

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