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Support Her Winner #3 - Aimée Babbin

Posted on March 21 2017


Meet Aimée! Aimée was nominated by her fiancé, Rohan. We loved his touching story about his bride to be who has dedicated her life to teaching young minds about the joy that is Chemistry and Physics. Rohan told us that Aimée decided while attending medical school that she wanted to teach the next generation of doctors, not be one. She hopes to inspire young “women like herself to take a career in science and engineering.”


We surprised Aimée last week by telling her she was nominated by her fiancé. We got a chance to talk to Aimée on the phone and learn more about this awesome woman. Aimée is a high school physical science teacher (chemistry and physics) during the day and a dance club choreographer by night.


She absolutely loves teaching and feels like she is making a difference. The best part of her job is getting the chance to talk about subjects she loves every day. When asked about the worst part of her job, she only had one complaint: grading.


She’s a Trusst lady through and through; she likes puns, just like we do. Her students even have the “Babbin Scale” of jokes grading each pun. Obviously, Aimée is not only giving back, but she’s creating an environment where her students want to learn and have fun.


However, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t give up her dream job if it presented itself. Though I don’t think there are any job openings at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry coming up soon...


Thanks again to Rohan for the nomination and be sure to tune in soon for our next Support Her Nominee! If you haven’t already, submit a woman you know who is deserving of the best in supportive technology.

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