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Support Her Winners #4 - The Van Dunk Sisters

Posted on April 05 2017

Sisters Sam left and Lauren right


We recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk to the Van Dunk sisters, a tenacious duo who bring the meaning of support to a new level. Samantha and Lauren may live in different states, but that doesn’t seem to affect their relationship. They even have a standing facetime coffee date on Sunday mornings.


Samantha, a self-proclaimed “bra-junkie” heard about Trusst on Facebook and thought we would be the perfect solution to solving both of their bra issues.


It was initially Samantha who nominated her sister Lauren, a utilization management nurse who acts as a liaison between patients and their insurance, helping to get them the best treatment possible. Samantha mentioned in her nomination story that her sister “doesn't always get to say "yes! You're approved!" for everything that comes across her desk. There have been times she has to call patients and explain why they are not covered for important surgeries or experimental drugs that may help them or their sick children. This job brings tremendous stress and anxiety to her life, and yet she keeps on going every day to support her family and help those that she can.”


In reading this heartwarming nomination, we realized we had to extend our offer to Samantha as well. Lauren told us that Sam, her big sister, has always taken care of her.


Sam’s a strong, driven women. Ten years ago, she left home for the military to work on their computer networks. After her military stint, she earned her bachelor’s degree, all while working a full time job and raising two kids by herself.


In true sisterly fashion, Lauren helped Sam navigate insurance for her new job to cover both herself and her kids.


At Trusst, we make it our mission to help support women do so much to help their clients and their families. This pair of sisters is the epitome of the phrase, “having each other’s back”. We’re so happy to be able to give back to these strong women.

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