The Benefits of Wearing a Front Closure Bra

Have you ever tried to buy or actually bought a front closure bra? Did it work for you? Was it comfortable? The list goes on and on...but we really want to know because we don’t think that the options for plus size women have been good enough. Which is really at the crux of why this brand was started in the first place. We are creating a space for women and especially plus size women to find a home in their own bodies. Read more to find out why we’re in love with our new front closure bra, Evie.

It’s Easy

Sometimes our bodies just don’t stretch the way traditional back closure bras want us to. When it comes to putting on your bra, there are two schools of thought. You are a behind-your-back closer OR you prefer to hook your band in the front and swing it back around. Thankfully, with a front closure bra, we take that grief away from you. You can simply put on the bra (like you would a jacket) and hook it in the front. No more struggling to get on your bra or even the anxiety you may have by not being able to comfortably get it on. We never want you to feel bad about your body - it’s not you, you’ve just been wearing the a bra that was built with your needs in mind. 

It’s Stylish

Getting dressed in the morning can be a struggle. What do I feel like wearing? I hate everything in my closet. Nothing fits! We are always going back and forth with wanting to look good and also be comfortable. We are at work, school, running around with kids, etc. all day and we don’t have time to worry about our bra once our day gets started. The great thing about our Evie front closure bra is that it’s both stylish and comfortable. All Trusst bras are, without a doubt, the most comfortable bras you’ll ever wear. With this particular bra, though, we have also added more: 

  • a new blush color to our repertoire along with our classic cream color (because sometimes you just need a neutral bra)
  • a mesh racerback feature because of the options it opens up for your wardrobe. You can wear this style with racerback tops (of course!) and also with high neck tops without dealing with your straps peeking out. If you wanted, you could also show off the mesh racerback with an open-backed top or dress. I mean, why not, right?! 

It’s Comfortable 

Okay okay, back to the part about being comfortable. Because let’s be honest, that really is the most important thing. You know about our technology, right? If not, let us break it down for you. Our bras do not use underwire as the “support” in the bra, but rather a brand new patented bra technology. This technology uses your own body (your core to be exact) to support your breast weight from underneath - which takes over 80% off the weight off your shoulders. We want to make sure you totally get it, so let’s make it really easy. This bra is the most comfortable and supportive bra you will ever wear. It’s crazy - really! The only way to really know is to try one yourself. It’s worth the risk because there really is no risk. 

As always, we want to hear from you. Have you tried an Evie bra yet? Are you interested? Anything we can do to help? We encourage you to comment below or reach out to our Bra Experts for additional guidance. 

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July 19, 2019 by Trusst Brands



Mary said:

I’ve tried frontclosure bras before and found that they were not very supportive and could not be tightened or loosened. How is your bra different?

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