The Bra That Actually Does What It Says

At Trusst Brands, we are problem solvers. Not only have we taken on solving the bra problems of plus size women through our innovative product, but we are also solving for the lack of transparency when it comes to the e-commerce retail industry. Because when we say that our bra will support from underneath, take the pressure off of your shoulders, and cut down on boob sweat, we actually mean it. How? Let us tell you how a Trusst bra can change your life.

Fundamentally Different

Underwire bras have been around for many years and for just as long, it’s really been the only option out there for women. No more! Trusst bras are fundamentally different. Our 3D system actually supports from underneath the bust with our patented support structure. In conjunction with a well-fitting band, our system eliminates the need for your straps to do the heavy lifting and instead - relief! A typical underwire bra uses the band to provide most of the support, but this doesn’t account for the weight of your actual breasts, which we all know extends juuuuust a little bit further from your band than the actual rib cage does ;) Using just an underwire - a 2D system - ends up putting a lot of stress on your back and shoulders.

Purposefully Designed

Our talented team of designers, engineers, and yes, even Ph.D.’s - take a lot of time and care to design each and every bra style you wear. We look at the following things when designing each new (or improved!) bra style:

  • Most importantly - customer feedback. We listen to your voice, what you want, and what you need. Heck, this is the whole reason the company was founded to begin with! Our founder listened to the needs and pleads of her friends and family - asking for a better bra that would actually support their heavy boobs.
  • The market and what’s missing from it. We know that we’re different, so we don’t want to just provide you with another bra. We want to make sure what we’re creating for you is fundamentally different than anything else you will find at any other bra company.
  • What will fit in with our current collection? We want to make sure that you have a full range of styles to choose from - styles that will fit into your lifestyle, work with your favorite outfits, and really help you transition from day to night wear.



  • Relief from back and shoulder pain
  • Support and lift
  • No shoulder dents
  • No chafing or red marks
  • No boob sweat
  • Extra side coverage
  • Smooth finish

We didn’t just release another underwire bra out into the market, but instead, we chose to disrupt the market with something never seen or done before. We took the typical underwire bra problems and solved them for the plus size woman. We started from the inside with our patented structure and didn’t stop. From the fabrics we use to the design, everything is done with our customer in mind. If you have any feedback, we encourage you to share with us!

Trusst Brands is located in Pittsburgh, PA. If you are interested in coming by our showroom for a bra fitting, make an appointment today!

Love your Trusst bra? Tag us @TrusstBrands and let us know!

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April 10, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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