The Weekly Win: Sephora

This week’s weekly win might be the best one yet! Today I walked into Sephora and no one questioned why I was in there or asked if I needed help. It was the first time I stepped foot in that store and wasn’t treated like a troll that has no idea how to even hold a makeup brush. They left me alone to shop and swatch and experience the store without being judged about my knowledge of makeup. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I love makeup. From highlighters to primers, I know about it all and use it all. I can give you the dupe to almost every name brand. I know what every brush does/how to use it. I know how to draw on the perfect winged eyeliner that actually could cut through glass. Yet every time I step into a Sephora I feel so judged. The only time they leave me alone in there is when I beat my face to the gods. I am talking FULL glam. But who in their right mind wants to walk around in full glam all day every day? Sorry, but just because I want to come into a makeup store without makeup on doesn’t mean I am asking to be judged or don’t know my stuff.

It might sound like I am being dramatic, but this is a rundown of how my conversations go with Sephora employees:

*Walks into makeup heaven and know exactly what is wanted and where to find it.*

Sephora Employee: *waves hand chasing me down* “Hello!! Hi! Over here! Can I help you find something today?”

Me: “Oh no, I am fine.”

Sephora Employee: “Are you suuuuure? It looks like you could use some help.”=

Me: “Trust me, I got this.”

Sephora Employee: *does a quick up-down, takes a sigh, folds arms, and walks away.*

Nonetheless, today was a different experience and it was glorious! I hope that anyone out there that has had the same experiences as me while shopping is able to have a relieving day like I had today. Tell me about your weekly wins, or any daily struggles you have had while shopping! 



August 21, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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