The Daily Struggle- Bad Bra

TBT to that one time when I decided to wear an underwire bra for the day and the wire broke and stabbed me in the ribs. I decided to wear an underwire bra yesterday while all of my Trusst Bras were air drying. I actually really like the Body by Victoria bras from VS, but halfway through the day I have a ton of boob sweat, pains under my ribs and my shoulders/back start to hurt. It definitely isn’t a Trusst bra, but it gets the job done when the other bras are unavailable to do the heavy lifting.

Anyways, I had a date yesterday and I decided to wear my old VS bra. It was fine and all was well until midway through the date I felt a stab under my rib. I had to sneakily check and see what was going on under there. It was to my dismay that my underwire had literally broken in half, ripped out of the fabric, and stabbed right in the underboob. I ignored it for a bit, but eventually it became unbearable. I had to make the great escape-- so, I rushed to the bathroom. 

Now, my boobs are definitely too big to go braless. Especially in the outfit I was wearing. I had to think of a fast solution to rid myself of this pain. Then a lightbulb went off in my brain. I decided to roll up some paper towels and shove them under my boobs where the underwire was hitting. ALAS the puncturing of my ribs was muted. Moral of the story, underwire bras SUCK and eventually end in pain and agony.

FInally, I was able to carry on with my date. The only thing that sucked was I could not stop thinking about how badly I wanted to rip this bra off and throw it in the trash. There is always some sort of issue when it comes to a traditional underwire bra. Either it is poking out and stabbing you like samurai sword, or causing you neck, back and shoulder pain. It will probably take me a while to wear an underwire bra again. I would actually rather wear a soaking wet Trusst bra. 

What is the worst underwire experience you have had? I know we all have our bra horror stories! I would love to hear from you all.


August 29, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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