The Daily Struggle: Bathing Beauty

Today’s daily struggle actually happened yesterday, but I think it is something that a lot of you can relate to! Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Therefore, my roommates and I wanted to do something outside. The household vote was to go to the public pool by our house. Let the panic begin!

As a plus-size woman, my first feeling is not always excitement when it comes to going swimming. Instead, it is a mix of feeling self-conscious and anxious. The thought of being around a bunch of people with barely any clothes on is very nerve-racking. The first thing I always ask myself is: “what bathing suit am I going to wear”? That then turns into a million more questions as to what style of suit you want to wear. A one-piece? A two-piece?  Either way, you are practically unclothed for the world to see. 

I decided to go with a black one-piece that made me feel confident and cute. It is always important to wear something that you feel comfortable in. I mean, no one really feels comfortable in a bathing suit, but wearing one that makes you feel good helps the situation. Once finding the suit is taken care of, it’s getting the courage to take off your cover-up and head into the pool.

When we arrived at the pool it was packed! We ended up finding a spot and began setting up our “relaxation station”. Of course, we picked the spot right in the middle of the crowd. As I looked around I began to realize that there were so many women embracing the bodies that they were in. Watching these other plus size women walk around in two pieces looking effortlessly confident, I felt myself becoming more confident. The way that you present yourself and feel about yourself resonates with others.

Seeing a bunch of beautiful women loving themselves and pouring out their confidence into the world is a magical thing. I was so hyped up on good energy that I ripped my cover-up off and raced to the pool. Did I mention that this was a wave pool? I was in there splashing around living my best life, and then I hear a whistle blow in the distance. That was a sign that the waves were going to start going. I stayed in because why not? It was fun getting tossed around. Well, it was fun until I had a wardrobe malfunction in front of a group of young men… Yikes! One of my apples rolled right out of the basket. Luckily I was able to reposition my assets and Michael Phelps swim away. 

Going to the pool will forever be a constant struggle for women. Whether you are plus size, thin, or in between, putting on a bathing suit will always create some anxiety. We just need to keep in mind that our bodies are all different and we need to be able to love our insecurities and differences. The saying “confidence is sexy” is very true. People around you can sense your confidence, and that in turn allows them to feel more confident in themselves. So, don’t be afraid to put on that two-piece and strut your stuff! Just be careful of wave pools and loose-fitting bathing suit tops...



August 05, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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